Who are your soul doulas?

I think this is such an important question to ask ourselves at the beginning of the year, after setting important intentions and goals for each of our lives... Who are our soul doulas? For anyone who doesn't know what a doula is, it is a person who supports you in your birth journey. Some women have doulas just for the actual birth of the baby itself, but I personally think it is more helpful to have your doula alongside you through the whole process of pregnancy and birth.

This question was brought to my attention yesterday evening while reading a meditation. I immediately thought how helpful it would be to address this right now. Think about it... after making any major decisions in life or doing anything that calls for- no, requires- support from others, wouldn't it be nice to be clear about who truly cheers us on at the soul level? Who is willing to say what is difficult to say? Who holds us steady as we take footsteps down a new path?

Maybe a good question to also ask when trying to figure this out is "Who doesn't support me?" and not be afraid of the answers. They may surprise you. They may even create an inconvenience that needs to be dealt with. But nothing any of us can't handle, surely.

It's also not to say we're going to throw anyone away. I think everyone in our lives is there for our benefit. If we allow life to naturally flow and unfold, everyone is a teacher that has entered our "movie" (as I like to call it) to play a role. What I am saying however, is that upon deeper scrutiny, maybe some people need to take on smaller roles in your movie. And perhaps others need to be in closer supporting roles. And it's okay to feel those closest to you don't support you and don't bring out your best and your highest. As the meditation I was reading said: "Even the Buddha gave birth to his new 'I' far from the exalted place of his physical birth." It's more than okay to create a new environment for yourself and change your surroundings.

Another important point is to continue to ask this throughout the year. To make this a constant check-in point. Always revisit your emotional landscape and make the necessary moves to keep yourself surrounded by those that enhance your soul and hold it gently yet firmly in the palms of their hands.

Also, go beyond people to find your soul doulas. Look to books, music, art, hobbies, teas, oils, crystals, nature, the sun... whatever you find brings magic into your life and infuses your soul with love and support. When I need a soul massage, I take a hot bath with lavender; I listen to Sting (Symphonicities mostly, lately), Joni Mitchell (Best of) and Ani DiFranco; I write; I read passages from my favorite books; light candles; burn incense or oils; I drink Motherwort tea which is like getting a hug from Goddess; I go out and soak in the sun; I sit under a tree; I hold a rose quartz, close my eyes and breathe; I ask my love for a hug and melt there for a while. Whatever feels nurturing- do that.Let's keep in mind that the word Doula used to simply mean "one who serves." So, whether you've set intentions/goals/resolutions for this year or not, whether you are actively in the process of birthing a new self or not, make sure your surroundings are full of that which serves you where you are.

Find your soul doulas and keep them close!