Mellifluous Mondays.

I miss lyrics. Remember being a teenager and being so passionate about music that you knew every word of every one of your favorite songs? Even lyrics to songs you didn't care for seeped in because they were so prevalent in the mainstream that their repetition etched them into your willing or unwilling memory. I shamefully admit I still know all the lyrics to Ice, Ice, Baby and Baby Got Back. Thanks, Mtv! Yesterday evening, I was making tea and listening to Ani DiFranco's latest album. As a mother, I don't have the luxury of remembering lyrics and if I happen to, I don't even know what it is I'm singing because I also don't have the luxury to pay attention. But last night while waiting for my tea to boil I was in an empty mind space and so I was able to finally pay attention to the lyrics of the song I was singing along to- "Amendment." And I am oh so glad I did.

I think songs are like books. They are angels that appear in your life at just the right moment. And songs, like books, sometimes finally snap into your consciousness and get a hold of you way after the first go around when suddenly- out of nowhere and while usually doing something mundane- the lightning bolt hits. I suddenly realized Ani had done it again- written a very relevant piece of music that soothes the collective soul of injured women. She presents the problem but proposes a solution. And reminds us that although historically injured, we are fiercely strong, wonderfully gentle, all-loving and beyond any circumstance or limitation.

Wouldn't it be nice if...

We had an amendment...

To give civil rights to women.

To once and for all just really lay it down from the point of view of women. I know what you're thinking, "That's just redundant... chicks got it good now, they can almost be president." But it's worker against worker, time and time again. 'Cause the rich use certain issues as a toolWhen I say we need the E.R.A. ain't cause I'm a fool. It's cause without it nobody can get away with anything cruel.

And you don't need to go far... likejust over to Canadao feel the heightened sense ofLIVE AND LET LIVE.What is it about Americansike so many pit-bullsrained to attack thenTo never give We gotta put down abortion Put it down in the books for goods central to the civil rightsf women. Make diversity legal; Make it finally understood Through the civil rights of women. And if you don't like abortion,on't have an abortionnd teach your childrenow they can avoid them. But don't treat all womenike they are your children. Compassion has many facesany names. And if men can kill and be decoratednstead of blamed,hen a woman called upon to motheran choose to refrain. And contrary to eonsf old time religion Your body is your onlyrue dominion Nature is not here to serve your at any cause to preserve youhat's just some preacher man'sld time opinion.

Life is sacred. Life is also profane. A woman's life... it must be hers to name. Let out an amendment Put this brutal game to rest. Trust women will still take you to their breast. Trust women will always do their best. Trust our differences make us stronger not less.

In this amendment shall be family structure shall be free we'll have the right to civil our union with equal rights and equal protection. Intolerance finally ruined.

And then there's the kids rights. They'll naturally be on board. The funnel through which women's lives are poured. Our family is so big and we're all so very small. Let a web of relationship be laid over it all. Over the strutter of power piled up to the sky. Over the illusion of autonomy on which it relies. Over any absolute that nature does not supply.

And the birthing woman shall regain her place in a circle of women; in a sacred space. Turn off the machine; put away the knives. This amendment shall deliver from bondage midwives.