belly dancing

Wisdom from The Womb.


Ever heard of "shaking something out"? It's a concept very alive in animals when they want to release trauma. My friends over at Naam Yoga get it- they shake for 3 minutes at the beginning of most of their classes (which I incorporated into my vinyasa flow) because it releases impurities from the body, elevates the power of the immune system and just plain GETS IT ALL OUT.

So bellydancing and all dancing for that matter is a great way to release anything you wish to let go of and welcome that which you want more of. Bellydancing is, more than anything, a powerful womb dance thus it's a highly empowering dance for women. Today in class, Portia  acknowledged that and I was so happy I almost jumped out of my coin belt! The womb is a topic that needs to be talked about with women among women. She mentioned how not only do we dance with the front of our bodies and with and from our pelvis, but from deep inside our womb. She mentioned hearing this in a teaching with Hassan Kalil, a lifelong oriental dancer and teacher. I was so grateful for this teaching and for her wish to pass it on. She took a risk... because most of the time (esp in Miami) that kind of depth isn't well accepted. Most people just disregard it completely or get a glazed-over look in their eyes. So, I applaud her and him for bringing light and attention to the topic.

There is nothing esoteric about your womb. Every woman has one. Why not get in there... get to know it... make a sacred space for it? Revere it, love it, and care for it! And do some dancing or yoga to shake things out of there (energetically speaking) so you can keep clearing the space of things that don't serve you for more sacred things. New things. Keep the space open to connect your womb to Mother, to others, to Truth and to our mysterious and capricious moon that we cycle with.

As a woman, I have learned to do everything from my womb. My intelligence (emotional and otherwise), I draw from my womb. I don't just think with my brain. I don't only feel with my heart. My womb cradles my higher self which gifts me with intuition, creation, deep love, empowerment beyond imagination, magic, and offerings from the shadows as well as from the light. It is a place where you connect with eternity and oneness.

Yes, ladies. That's all "down there".

If this is all a new concept to you and it's intriguing you and making you feel like you're about to burst with fruit flavor, I so encourage you to take a belly dancing class. It's experiential knowledge straight from the womb. If you're less adventurous, you may want to pick up "Womb Wisdom" and "Wild Feminine" to start with. It's an adventure I can almost guarantee you will most gratuitously embark on and fortuitously continue for as long as you journey in this life.

Beltane Bellydance.

I love the looks I get when I'm walking to my car to go to belly dancing. I know it's because people are thinking how inappropriate I am and are inwardly gasping in horror while thinking "What is she wearing?!?" And it's really not horrible at all- just some low cut exercise pants and a vneck midriff so I can see and admire my waist/belly/pelvis. What is it about bearing flesh? That which we were born with. That which is natural. I wonder that often when my father gets all uncomfortable at the sight of my naked toddler scampering about the house naked after a bath. He insists she get dressed as quickly as possible. It really doesn't bother my bra-burning hippieness one bit but I see how awkward he gets so I tell her to go put something on. I however, refuse to cover up on my way to and from bellydancing. First, I love that I can still rock a bare midriff and look like I'm in my early twenties (from the neck down anyway). Second, the older I get the wiser I am about age. And by that I mean, I could care less about what I or anyone else is supposed to be doing/saying/wearing.

Today being Beltane (the day that marks the beginning of Summer), I had in my mind that long ago, rituals were performed to foster growth in people and crops. Special bonfires were lit whose flames, smoke, and ashes were known to have protective powers. People would dance and leap around the fires and celebrate the new season. I wanted to do something special today that would celebrate and light a bonfire within my soul so I went to my favorite belly dancing class. Portia seems to have been celebrating Beltane too because today we danced our butts off and sweat. A lot.

I can't begin to describe to you what introducing dance back in my life has done for me. It has reignited a fire in my soul and re-awakened ethereal and physical desires. It has made me feel timeless while actually being in a time in my life when I seem to be counting minutes and seconds around my children. It's the one place I completely leave my momma-ness at the door. While I dance, I feel like I shake everything out of every space in every cell of my body and realign and reawaken. I don't dance to burn calories (although I'm sure today I burned quite a few)... I dance to fan the flame of my life. I feel my formless spirit find form in hip drops and figure eights and it all feels so so blissful.

I left my celebratory dance class today on FIRE. Dancing was good. The day was good.

Make sure you light a fire- any fire- before the day is done today! Celebrate the heat.