The Black Garter.

It's a sometimes confusing and difficult pill to swallow that all the darkness in the world is a mirror of the darkness in our inner space. So, today I ask myself, "What is inside of me that makes injustice the order of the day?"

I don't really have the answer to that but I'll ask it until I understand both the question and the answer more.

A dear friend once told me to put on a mythical black garter and never, ever take it off. What she meant by that is to always expect the POSSIBILITY of running into someone's unchecked dark side. To always stay on my toes. To know that darkness is out there.

My life journey took a really juicy twist once I began to face my shadow. It was then that I began to accept myself completely, thereby beginning to accept others more fully as well. An unchecked shadow running rampant and without having met the light it co-exists with is dangerous and a menace to its owner and to the world at large (Read: Colombine, Sandy Hook, Trayvon). I will forever be grateful to have begun to dance with my inner darkness (THANK YOU Debbie Ford for your amazing book).

Whenever something shocking and soul jarring happens, I have the tendency to spiral into a cavern of sorrow that snowballs into a big ball of "how will we ever repair all of this insanity in the world?!?" Today, I went into that cavern and pictured myself in there, on my knees looking up to the heavens asking "What is it that the world needs to heal? PLEASE guide me so I can do my part!"

I don't have an answer to that yet either but stay tuned.

However, marching and chanting for Trayvon and for peace and justice with others today comforted my soul. It was the rainbow that the universe sent me to remind me all is not lost. HOPE is always worthwhile. Light comes together to cast out darkness.

Comfort to all those who feel sorrow in their hearts today and any day. A long embrace to his momma. Peace to all. <3