Morning: Surinam Cherries.

One of my favorite things to do in the morning is go outside with my son or daughter (or both sometimes) and forage for deep red surinam cherries in the bush next to our house. They grow all over the place in South Florida but I never feel safe enough to pick from just anywhere because people spraying RoundUp grow all over the place in South Florida, too.

But this particular bush, as we have observed, is RoundUp free. So, we pick.

Every morning my son comes out with me in his birthday suit. I watch him picking cherries, sometimes reaching far into the bush to pick a really ripe, really red one. I see his little naked body and can't help but think of Adam and Eve in the mythical Garden of Eden, picking freely from Earth's bounty.

As I pick cherries myself and then wash and eat them, I can't help but be in awe of the whole process. To think that from a simple, tiny seed, food emerges. This food is alive so it serves as food for our soul as well as our physical body. It is magical and beautiful in a way that humbles me and brings me to tears. Little clusters of information packed into a microcosmic universe that one day sprouts from Mother Earth to provide food for her children. Within the food is the knowledge of Mother Earth herself. In the garden, we ate from the tree and gained all the knowledge from the Mother. Just like when my children drink milk from my breasts they merge with me and have information about me in their cells. it's a sweet exchange. So, when I awoke to new possibilities with the story of Eve, I decided to look upon women as not the downfall of the world but as curious creators and seekers of truth and knowledge.

Later afternoon: Coin belt.

My whole body was buzzing all day with the coming full moon and full lunar eclipse. All day the word excitement and a feeling of something coming danced all around me. And all day long, I too wanted to dance. With no babysitter available so no way to get to a dance class, I took a hot relaxing bath with the little ones with fragrant bath salts. They played with their water toys while I melted into the water. The desire to dance became stronger as the heat of the water released all the tension in my body. The cleansing water stripped me of any "have to's" and all the wild lunatic thoughts surfaced. After the bath they went off to play in their playroom and I stayed behind in the bedroom, picked a sexy pair of red underwear, red organic cotton pants, a light tank top and my favorite red coin belt.

I danced alone.

I danced in the space where nothing matters. Just movement. No right moves. Time moving slowly. Thick music. Eyes closed. Hips, arms, spine moving like a serpent; gliding. Smooth. Erratic. Moving everywhere and nowhere. Loving myself. Being everyone and no one. Living life fully in my exquisite body for a few moments. Then letting it all go and going back to momma, back to wife, only now I am one soulfully reckless dance better.

Late evening: The Blood Moon. 

Lunacy. Insanity? Extreme folly? Eccentricity?

To me, lunacy now simply means "woman".

Since late last night I have been feeling the pull of the oncoming full moon. Gazing at the moon reminds me of myself: strong, bright, and a powerful natural and creative presence, yet vulnerable in my cycles and in my shadows.

Today's blood moon is shining red down on the world. I can't turn away from the thought of blood- no one can tonight. It's up on display in our beautiful sky. For this night, perhaps, I'm not "just a hippie" talking about bleeding and hoping every woman could connect to eons and eons of lineage behind them who have also bled and birthed and been part of the mystery of womanhood. For the length of time the moon is in the darkest part of the earth's shadow, we will absorb a light into our cells that tells us we are all the same. We all have the same longings whether we know it or not. We all love ourselves whether we know it or not just as we are. We all aspire to experience love in every form and discover all its faces. We all want to connect into the grid- the one that not all of us yet knows exists. If we look up at the moon, at any time really, the stirrings- be they subtle or extremely loud- cannot be ignored.

A total lunar eclipse and a full moon communicate some basic universal truths. The moon is in its fully lit glory tonight and that always brings celebration, openness, creativity, movement. Women have always been related to the moon. The moon is feminine energy. And the sun- male energy- casting its life giving, delicious light, will be in line with the Earth and the moon. So the moon, passing into the Earth's umbra, will begin to shine red. She will remind us of our magic. All due to a simple alignment. Balance. As the alignment shifts and the shadow lifts, we will be cleansed of some things and renewed in ways we can only imagine. How sublime.

I acknowledge all women today as sisters all dancing the dream as they feel the pull from the moon tonight, whether it be a mere gaze or a full-on howl at the fullness. Hers is OUR fullness, too. She reminds us it is our birthright to be beauty-full, wonder-full, and joy-full. So be it.

Let it all surface, let it wash over and then surrender.