Party in my Pants!

I'm sure the title of this entry has you all very intrigued.  But trust me, it's NOTHING you are expecting. Last week I spent the day with my amazing friends on the beach and we spent some time in their apartment before going down to get some sun.  My girlfriend walks in and says "I'm loving these party in my pants!  And my daughter is so fascinated by them!"

I had NO idea what she was talking about.  But, I definitely wanted to know more so I asked...

As it turns out, beautiful Luci who was there hanging out with us whom I had the pleasure of getting to know that day is the owner of Party in My Pants- a sister owned and operated mini business that makes cloth pads and etc "for the princess on her period."  The designs are fun and colorful but more importantly (as per my friend who was giving them a test run) they work great, are super absorbent and are extremely sanitary.  Clean up is a breeze.  The website ( is packed with information and instructional videos and I for one am so happy to have bumped into Luci and her Party in My Pants products because the world is so full of waste.  She gave me a few of the menstrual pads (which I haven't tried yet because I am still nursing) and an adorable pair of nursing pads which are super absorbent.  Here is a screenshot of their most popular sizes below.  I highly recommend giving these a try!