Feminine Power.

Feminine Power is delicious and subtle. In my earlier years, I thought feminine power was something loud, dictatorial, powerful. As years went by and I was introduced to the pervasive patriarchy and to the truth of sexual abuse and misogyny, I understood unbalanced masculine power to be the loud, overbearing power in the world. Because of this, I thought feminine power needed to be absolutely fierce and very “take no prisoners” in its response.

Now, I am no longer sure of any one thing feminine power is because it is tremendous in scope and so infinite. But a few images do come to mind...

Serpents... We recoil to warn, we broaden when threatened, we curl up when we are worn or resting. The serpent also symbolizes the kundalini energy we all have coiled at the base of our spine, which- if activated- makes its way onward and upward through our chakras, bathing each with life force, wisdom and energy. Within that energy, we find our intuition, our spiritual identity and the transcendence of these and all other things- our otherness. Like serpents, we shed our skin, become unrecognizable even to ourselves and then grow new skin. We have the capacity to be mothers and nurture our growing offspring but the power of death is always imminent in deadly venom inside our bodies.

We just left behind the year of the snake. We’ve shed that skin and are now in the year of the horse. We will take on the traits of the horse: energetic, open, loving, motivating, seductive. Feminine power has huge roots in shapeshifting. We are always this then that. This or that. This AND that. And we are formless. And we are soft. Our boundaries are definite but we are infinitely open to give and receive. All of this makes us master shapeshifters.

Today’s world is embracing feminine power more and more- whether it knows it or not. One of the biggest Hollywood movie trilogies of all time has a young girl as its heroine- Katniss Everdeen. Even the Anastasia Steele character from 50 Shades of Grey is an example of feminine power. For all the arguments and reasons she was the one who compromised herself, the real story lies in that she saves Christian Grey.

I will admit that with all the atrocities happening around the world, it seems amiss to say that feminine power is rising. There is so much darkness in the world. But one of the laws of the universe is BALANCE so if you take notice of all the deep darkness, you know that simultaneously there are huge waves of love happening. Everything rooted in love releases feminine power into the world. Pulses of this power will change our whole existence.

With everything feminine power is, I think it is simple and so powerful in its simplicity. I think the picture below is a beautiful display of true feminine power. It is in the traditions of Nature where we can learn the most from feminine power. Feminine power will always take us to Her breast and nurture the whole world. If we let it.