Dripping blood; not holding cupcakes.

Wisdom whoppers have mostly always come from the most unexpected places. Yesterday one came at me like a speeding truck by way of Anand Mehrotra, a spiritual teacher from Rishikesh, who did a workshop on freeing your mind at 305 yoga. In the past few years, I haven't really been keen on going to hear people talk. The universe is so expansive and there are many truths. I don't buy into any ONE anymore. It just doesn't wasn't doing anything for me. But something called me to this workshop. And I've been out of the yoga scene long enough to really miss it. I even feel like I could use a physical and spiritual refresher. So, despite- and BECAUSE OF- my resistence, I left the little ones with their poppa and drove to have a few hours to myself on the mat.

I've somewhat recently embarked on a journey of serious Goddess work.

What does that mean... "Goddess work"?

It means, I have come to meet my lovely and powerful womb. It means I'm clearing out the cobwebs that have formed around my third eye. It means I am recalibrating my center. It means I seek out the company of women. It means I'm reading books about our Moon. It means I have begun to put some serious trust in my intuition. It means I have begun to follow and flow with cycles. Simply put, I am beginning to finally understand my femininity and the sacred within me.

So, here I am, divine Goddess back on the mat. Everything he said was wise and wonderful and funny. I really enjoyed that I was able to laugh because there is sometimes an air of austerity and caution around yoga workshops or classes. He dropped a few F-bombs and had us all belly laughing so I could really identify with this person and connect- as opposed to some guru who was coming to tell me some bullshit the true ways of the universe. He was well received.

The first thing he said that really caught my attention was this:

Any great master will make you feel uncomfortable. Anyone can make you feel good. But a master, a teacher, will make you uncomfortable and even upset.

I immediately thought of all the things that had pissed me off recently and said a quick "thank you" to all of them. Being that they were all behind me, I realized they had taught me something valuable about myself and definitely something valuable about others and about relationships.

He also threw a few others out there:

Depending on your state of consciousness, so is your relationship to time.

Transcend your complications to arrive to truth- simply.

The term "tapas" is really a fierceness of existence. (which helped me relate to it in a real way- not just some yoga term I read with only slight interest during teacher training in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali)

Then he went back to whole "true teachers make you uncomfortable" thing. He said:

That is why Kali is dripping blood... not holding a cupcake.

And I just had to stop for a moment because what he had opened up for me had come not just in huge waves but in tsunamis.

V0045118 Kali trampling Shiva. Chromolithograph by R. Varma.

Who is Kali?

She is the goddess of death but interestingly enough is associated with EMPOWERMENT.

Here's where it gets really juicy and wonderful for me...

From all my goddess work, I have really learned the power of our menses- our moon period. I have learned not to plug it up. I have learned to love it. Beyond all of that and beyond most people's comfort, I have learned of its subtle yet absolutely incredible power. And any and all cycles for that matter, which is why it's so interesting that Spirit Science recently released this little ditty about cycles.

Anyhoo, as we closed our eyes and did some meditative Sufi movement, I thought of Kali and thought of her face. The ferocity in her eyes, the anger, her resolve. And the blood. The image of Kali began to speak to me like never before. It was as if his words had helped me answer a riddle that gained access to the wisdom of her message.

Kali is a master teacher to all women of this day and age. She is there shouting in her fierce voice, "Your blood is your gold and your glory!" She is the goddess of death and what is death but just extreme change and transformation. And with transformation comes empowerment. "Dare to dive into the wisdom of your blood and you will be a strong and fierce goddess alongside all other women brave enough to dismember fear and conditioning!" Yes, blood makes people uncomfortable, but the very discomfort is the harbinger of the teachings and the deep wisdom. And the magical gifts of your blood are endless.

Allowing ourselves to take Sabbath on your Moon in honor of your divine feminine cycle has been lost. In lieu of that, ultra absorbent (and ultra toxic) pads and tampons have been created so that we skip over even thinking about our cycle. What's more, we are to pretend nothing is happening and continue with life as if nothing is occurring. Lost are the stillness and reverence that permeated the restful days we used to take together because we used to bleed together. Finding power in that togetherness has sadly been lost, too.

Allowing ourselves to contemplate and understand the mystery of what it is to be a woman and share it with other women has been lost as well. We need cycles to ebb and flow to feel complete- not only as women but as human beings. We need to move and dance in celebration of all that we are... not hide, shame, destroy or ignore it. Kali shows us to fiercely chop off the heads of that which does not serve us. No mercy. So that we can step into our true emotions. Into greatness.

Kali is showing us that which we don't want to see. Look at her. She will no doubt bring up some feelings and they are usually ones we don't want to deal with. But what I want the women to see is the dripping blood. She's teaching us something so powerful with that...

Let it flow.

Tell the world you are a woman.

Be fierce.

Namaste, sisters.