The Aura and Sex.

So, one day my daughter is going to ask me about sex.  And I know it's a ways away- even the conversation about the most basic elements of it is a few years away at the very least. After watching Black Swan my husband and I jokingly left the theater saying "No ballet for her!"  What that really meant was, "How in the heck are we going to make sure we don't fail her and make her some wreck of a human being?!?"  That drug and sex scene was really hard to watch as a parent.  So, I asked the universe for some help with this scenario and some wise words to impart to her.

Even though the conversation is not going to happen any time soon, the universe already provided me with a wonderful resource.  I happened to be flipping through one of my books this morning called "The Alchemy of Love Relationships" and I came upon a page with the title "The Aura and Sex", which will help me explain to her the what and whys.

Here is what it says:

"The Aura plays a significant role in any love relationship.  When a man and a woman engage sexually, there is an automatic exchange of vital fluids.  This exchange is recorded in their respective auras.  When you have sex with someone, he or she shows in your aura for at least three years.  Incidentally, most trained mystics on the path of Light can see this imprint in your energy field.

It is extremely important, then, that you be fully aware when you open your energy field to another.  When you begin to get intimately involved with someone, do so within the boundaries of a protective aura and keen, self-protective intuition.  The bonding must be right.  Do not have sex just to check someone out.  Many have experienced wonderful platonic relationships with the opposite sex.  Engaging in sex alters the platonic nature of the relationship, however, and the friendship suffers because you are now in each other's auras.  What was once a wonderful relationship often becomes unpleasant.  Your friend now seems like a different person.

Just because a platonic relationship is wonderful does not necessarily mean that it will translate into a productive love relationship.  Indeed, many platonic relationships are best left platonic.  Don't spoil your friendships with a lack of awareness and sexual curiosity.  How do you know when to keep a relationship platonic and when to transform it into a love relationship?  Remember to engage in a love relationship with 100 percent awareness, guided by your intuition.

Sex without love depletes one's vitality and deranges the emotions.  Sexual contact with many partners transfers the toxins that are secreted.  These toxins can circumvent a person's immune system and lodge deep in the deep tissues.  Moreover, when we have several sexual partners, these partners show up in our electromagnetic field creating a clouded aura whose light has faded.  People with multiple partners always look older than they actually are.  If you have sex with such a person, one with a weakened immune system and shrunken aura, you too will be depleted of your vitality.

Women are especially sensitive to the blending of auras as the imprint of the male on the female is intense.  When a woman jumps from one partner to the next, blending her aura here and there, her aura weakens and her true identity is lost.  She feels the weight of guilt and shame.  She is weakened emotionally.

The mental frequency and auric strength of the woman are crucial in determining the potency, or impotency of her mate.  When a woman's aura is expanded to seven feet, it energizes her partner after intercourse, rather than depleting him.  Remember, women are sixteen times stronger, more intelligent and more sacred than men.  A woman should never have sex with her partner once she has mixed her aura with a second man.  Her first partner will suffer an auric injury that penetrates his behavior and temperament, causing him to go insane.  Men, while they do not experience the same negative effects detailed in the preceding paragraph, are very delicate in this way.  Indeed, the very sensitive male can even experience an auric shock when the indiscretion of his partner has been in thought rather than deed.  This reality explains why some men are more potent then others when it comes to women.  The man who has suffered multiple experiences of auric shock is rendered incapable of attracting and maintaining a woman.  A woman, then, must be particularly careful in her choice of a mate.  Moreover, she must encourage her partner to maintain his health.

Keep in mind that sexual freedom does not mean sexual exploitation.  It means sexual preservation, reverence and choice.  When there is love and respect between two people both partners are strengthened.  The woman feels creative, vital, expansive and secure.  The man feels uplifted, cared for, confident and potent."

This pretty much sums up everything I need to say.  I wish I had had this information growing up but at least I have it now to give.