Extraordinary in the ordinary.

There are some people that live their life deeply enmeshed in the sacred. People who you'd be taking a walk with and suddenly they stop, look up at the sky, and burst into tears at the beauty of a colorful sunset. Then there's the other extreme, where life is full of rational explanations to everything and logical answers to every question. I am somewhere in the middle... In the middle of my lately very ordinary life of nursing, reading textbooks, and binge watching Netflix original series (how great was "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt"?!?), I found a sacred moment. In the shower as the hot water took me out of my mental chatter and into a quiet moment, I felt a gratitude bigger than me. I was so grateful for my body and for my womb- it had recently worked so hard to develop and birth my baby. So I took a deep breath and put my hands over my womb and said "Thank You" with a reverence that humbled me. It was a full hearted appreciation from a place I don't really know how to describe with words.

I felt magical and wonderful and amazing. I was happy to be a woman. I felt so honored to share my womanhood as mother to my children, as partner to my husband, and as magic in this world.

One of my goals in life is to always remember this magic I hold inside.