I am formless, ageless, nameless, and divine as we all are.

But for the sake of writing this “about me”, my name is Pema. I am in my thirties.  I love my littles; I call myself a "knerdy" girl because I love to knit and crochet and hope to design my own patterns one day; I looooooove books because I love learning; I love to write; I love music and singing; I love moving my body through bellydance, natural movement, and yoga; I’m very into healthy living by way of good, whole foods and herbs; I love peeling through the layers of the patriarchy to find universal balance and to find more of my self as a woman. I also want to connect more with more women as we all learn to connect more with ourselves, empowering ourselves through all our ages and stages. This blog is an homage to the resurgence of the divine feminine.

Mostly, motherhood and partnership fill my days as well as self-discovery and the study of life and all its chaos.  Fortunately, amidst all the chaos, I have found a deep and substantial growth and a love for everyone and everything that I am so grateful for.  This love has humbled me and has shifted my existence by asking me to look even more deeply within.

Every day I am more in love with- and confused by- life just a little more, as I witness it all from my little quiet corner in Miami.