Hello World!

my name is Pema.

I love my littles;

I call myself a "knerdy" girl because I am a maker and love to knit and croche;

I looooooove books because I love learning; I love to write; I love music and singing;

I love moving my body through bellydance, natural movement, and yoga;

Iā€™m very into healthy living by way of good, whole foods and herbs;

I love peeling through the layers of the patriarchy to find universal balance and to find more of my self as a woman so I can empower women through all ages and stages;

Mostly, motherhood, making, and partnership fill my days as well as self-discovery and the study of life and all its chaos.  Fortunately, amidst all the chaos, I have found a personal as well as universal love that has humbled me and has shifted my existence in ways big and small.

Every day I am more in love with- and confused by- life just a little more, as I witness it all from my little quiet corner of Miami.