Sweetening the Pill: How We Got Hooked on Hormonal Birth Control by Holly Grigg-Spall

I had the good fortune of being turned on to this book by one of woman's biggest fans, Lisa Lister. The moment I started reading the book I knew I had to interview Holly for my podcast and get her message out there (I will release this podcast on May's new moon). 

This book is all about hormonal birth control and its harmful effects. When I read how she had been affected with paranoia, anxiety, and other physical side effects, I remembered my experience with birth control and wondered how many women have gone through the same thing. The answer is: A LOT. She also goes deep into the misogynistic nature of hormonal birth control in a way that could convince even the most staunch defender of it. 

Here are a few quotes:

"In this culture it is not easy to find footing between the misogyny of the religious Right and the feminist agenda with its own brand of misogyny, but I believe it is a position worth fighting for. The silencing of honest discussion causes many women to suffer unnecessarily. It wasn't until I stopped taking the pill that I developed the needed energy, motivation, and clarity of thought to express why I had to stop and to question why it had taken me so long to make that decision."

"We are all too happy to disregard our biology as women, and our humanity as people. The pill is an interior reflection of exterior conformism through body shape, hair color, and appearance. It is an act of homogenization that resists the collective. It is sameness with no understanding of similarity."

"Women are losing control of their sexual and reproductive lives from demands on the aesthetics of their genitals to radical interventions in their births, but they believe hormonal contraceptives and the innovations of these methods are providing them with control."

"A docile body is a body compliant to these [contraceptive] drugs, and as such compliant to society's restrictions."

The book is also a great resource for women looking for alternative methods of birth control as well as a way to be inspired to begin to learning about their body and its natural cycles.

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