Witch by Lisa Lister

This is the second book I've read authored by powerhouse woman Lisa Lister. She is in.credible. She is the most incredible cheerleader for women I have ever met (unfortunately, only virtually so far while working in circle together)! 

This book is about awakening the witch inside of you. While some people might recoil at the idea, which I think is understandable being that witches have been denigrated since the time of the senseless femicide of the witch hunts, others (like ME!) are grateful that she wrote this book, put herself out there in this huge way, and invited us all to come out and play.

Lisa is the real deal. She lives and works with her heart open wide. She does everything with so much purpose and intention and this book is just more proof of that. If you are with curious, a witch on the rise, or already awakened and just want something great to read that will support your life and your purpose, this is it!

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