DIY Toothpaste.

Some people have asked me what my family and I do for toothpaste, since a lot of conventional options include fluoride, calcium carbonate, glycerine, artificial flavors and artificial colors. Well, we make our own toothpaste. We use a mixture of clay, purified water, and essential oils. Our teeth and gums are always clean and healthy :)  Here's the recipe below if you are looking to change to a more natural toothpaste (btw, it tastes delicious... my kids dip a finger after they brush their teeth and eat it sometimes!):

(btw, you can click on the product name if you want to learn more about it or purchase it)

6 TBS Indian Healing Clay (you can also drink this awesome clay when you get food poisoning, slight indigestion, for a face and body mask, etc.)

10 TBS purified water (we use water from our filter made by Pristine Hydro)

3 drops of peppermint essential oil (or 1-2 more drops if you like it really minty) 

2 drops of ON GUARD essential oil by doTerra or Thieves essential oil by Young Living (or any immune support oil that is pure therapeutic grade- Immune Support by Hopewell Essential Oils is great too)

2 drops of frankincense essential oil

2 drops of tea tree essential oil

1 drop of cinnamon essential oil

2-3 drops of organic jojoba oil

This makes about an 8oz batch for us which lasts us just over a month but we are a family of 5. Add more or less in proportional measurements as needed. I love- and very often use- essential oils and jojoba oil from Living Libations or Hopewell Essential Oils. Hopewell is a family-owned company (as is Living Libations) and will get to you faster since they are in the United States.

One last thing... ideally, we'd put our toothpaste in a small glass mason jar with an easy-access lid. BUUUUUT, since we have 3 kids, we just use a small rinsed and dried out plastic container of organic raw honey and that serves us well, too.