episode 5: A Conversation with The Gnome Woman- Jessica Peill-Meininghaus

My guest today is Jessica Peill-Meininghaus, also lovingly known as "The Gnome Woman" for the beautifully detailed felted gnomes she's known for making. She is a fantastic artist, mother, and author of the book "The Gnome Project- One Woman's Wild and Woolly Adventure" which is available at local and online bookstores. Her book is how I came to know her- I not only read it twice but I had to write her and tell her how much I appreciated her. After that first conversation, I realized I had met a very creative and kind soul and am excited to share her and her with with all of you!

A Conversation with The Gnome Woman- Jessica Peill Meininghaus (click on link to play or download)

Enjoy the conversation and thank you for listening! <3



* Bio:

Jessica Peill-Meininghaus was raised with a lot of art and creativity- her mother made or re-purposed most of the things in their home. She has four children and this fall, she will be a mom of 4 teenagers which totally boggles her mind. In 2012, after some soul searching on her beloved urban farm in Portland, Oregon, she and her husband started looking for some land and a house on the East Coast. With a budget the size of a new truck, they bought a house they'd never seen in person, in a place they'd never been. Now you can find her constantly working on this very large, very old house in Maine, tending to her furry friends, homeschooling, making gobs of art of all different kinds and reminding herself daily to sit with the river in her backyard and look up at the stars and focus on the blessings that fall like petals all around her.

She is the author of the sweet book, “The Gnome Project- One Woman’s Wild and Woolly Adventure” which you can find at your local bookstore or on Amazon (click here to purchase)… and you can find her and her gorgeous art and products on Etsy at The Moon Goat store or at themoongoat.com.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/themoongoat

Instagram: thegnomewoman

 * Books/Products/Resources mentioned in our conversation:

Love Your Lady Landscape by Lisa Lister

Mindful Moon- a (wo)manual: Feeding the Creative Genius in Divine Flow by Gina Zappia