episode 2: Birth, Women, and Midwives with Sheila Simms Watson

I birthed all my children with "Mama Sheila" (as those of us that know her and love her adoringly call her) and with midwives that have trained and worked alongside her. In this podcast, we sit to afternoon tea to chat about birthing, women, and midwifery and how midwifery is politically inclined as well as a career rooted in activism. You will also hear some great pieces of wisdom from her wisdom and experience as a midwife for 25 years in several states and from my experiences in birthing and mothering 3 children. Enjoy and thank you for listening <3

Birth, Women, and Midwives with Sheila Simms Watson (click on link to listen or download)

Enjoy the conversation and thanks for listening!


* Bio:

Sheila Simms Watson was born in Philly and grew up in New Jersey. She is the founder and director of Spirit of Life Midwifery. Her focus is to serve and empower mothers, families, and community through the practice of "undisturbed birth" or traditional midwifery.

* Books/Products/Resources mentioned in our conversation:

Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin




* Midwives in her network:

www.legacymidwiferymiami.com- Melissa Chin Casey, LM

www.ammamidwifery.com- Anjali Sardeshmukh, LM

www.bellymamamidwifery.com- Corina Fitch, LM

www.alovingstart.com- Mary Harris, LM

Miriam Maldonado, LM

Dana Linvill-Gordon, LM