Episode 11: Choosing Love with Jodi Handrahan.

My guest today is Jodi Handrahan. Jodi is a life coach and a Naam yoga therapist who I met seven years ago here in Miami. I immediately was so drawn to her buoyancy and to her ability to connect. Her life changing Naam yoga classes are like no other and her coaching is so heart-filled and inspirational. In this conversation today we talk about choosing love and she tells us a very interesting story about the mind from an experience she had at a brain training course in Victoria, British Columbia.

Choosing Love with Jodi Handrahan (click on the link to listen or download!)

I hope you enjoy this conversation and thank you for listening!


* Bio:

Jodi Handrahan has been guiding and inspiring people to reach their highest potential for the past 19 years.  As a life coach,  Naam Yoga Therapist and lifelong student of esoteric sciences, Jodi uses her intuition and knowledge of Divine Spiritual Wisdom in a very practical way that can be applied by people from all walks of life.  She is passionate about helping her clients cut through their limitations on all levels - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  With her extensive experience and commitment to service, Jodi specializes in working one on one with clients following  her program, "The You Solution".  Jodi has a knowledgeable, down to earth and loving approach, and her passion for living a heart-centered life shines through in all that she does.


Facebook: jodi.handrahan

Instagram: naamijo


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