Episode 18: Health and Wellness Paradigm Shifting with John Schott

Today on the podcast is my partner, John Schott. John and I met about 9 years ago when I was covered in hives. After seeing two of the leading allergists in the city who told me I wasn't allergic to anything, my community recommended I go see John, the "health and wellness wizard". Not only did my hives go away in a day, but I had connected with a very strong, loving, and authentic person who soon became my partner. John is always ten steps ahead of what's relevant to what we need to be healthy and happy and focuses on nature-based solutions in these realms. He is also a very intuitive iridologist. And- hooray for me!- he is a great healthy food chef. 

Thanks so much for listening and enjoy the conversation!

Health and Wellness Paradigm Shifting with John Schott

* BIO:

Establishing himself as one of South Florida’s most groundbreaking and pioneering leaders in the health field, John Schott set himself aside from the pack with the opening of Miami’s first all gluten-free, organic, whole food restaurant. His food and health services have touched the lives of many including high profile Hollywood actors, NFL athletes, and top level CEOs. John leads workshops and detox retreats in Florida, New York City, and South America. He is also a certified and very skilled iridologist, and is a nutritional and holistic lifestyle consultant for companies and individuals. John has studied closely with the top pioneering authors & practitioners for over 10 years in the alternative health field. His knowledge of and experience with detoxification, nutritional cleansing, wellness & lifestyle coaching has led him to create a model evolving from more than a decade of apprenticeship, self study, and hands-on application with hundreds of clients. John is a MovNat enthusiast, rewilder, a nature-based mitochondriac, a cacao connoisseur, and very dedicated to his family and their wellness.


Facebook: JohnAlexanderSchott 

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Website: www.schotthealth.com and www.wildcoconutmilk.com



   * Books

Health Made Simple by John Schott

Super Food Shakes by John Schott

Cosmosapiens by John Hand

Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon

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Rewild Yourself Podcast- Daniel Vitalis

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The  Ben Greenfield Podcast

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