Episode 20: Welcome to Earth with Daniel Vitalis

Almost a decade ago, my partner and I were in unchartered territory. We had been vegan for some time (him wayyyyy longer than me, and raw vegan no less!) and with our first child on the way, my body began to ask for something different as far as nutrition, exercise, community, and life in general. Enter Daniel Vitalis! We got to spend a day with Daniel foraging and talking about everything under the sun including where we- and the world- may be headed and also found out he was going through major changes of his own. We've followed his very compelling, very relevant work ever since, because his warm, strong, and authentic presence left an impression on us that lasts until today.

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Welcome to Earth with Daniel Vitalis

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Daniel Vitalis, host of the ReWild Yourself Podcast and founder of SurThrival.com, is a writer, public speaker, entrepreneur, and lifestyle pioneer in the sphere of human health, personal development, and strategic living. He’s especially interested in the meeting place of ancestral health and lifestyle design. 

Daniel can be seen in the documentary film Hungry For Change, and has been featured in The Huffington Post, RT, Marie Claire magazine, as well as countless other interviews and media appearances. He can be found at DanielVitalis.com


Facebook: DanielVitalis

Instagram: DanielVitalis

Twitter: @DVitalis

Website(s): www.danielvitalis.comwww.surthrival.com



*Books: click HERE to see Daniel's book recommendations

A New Path by Arthur Haines

We strongly suggest this recent book as a shared recommendation!



especially our favorite that we make icing from, cream our yaupon, coffee, and tea with, add to our supershakes, etc...

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