Episode 19: The Male Renaissance, Music, Women & Chicken with Eugene Gant

I first met Eugene about a decade ago at a beach clean up at South Beach. While everyone was complaining about the heat and the trash, he was talking some serious spiritual talk and singing Queen all up and down the beach. I knew immediately that he was good people and someone I'd like to know more about. I was fortunate enough to host him a few times at the lululemon store I was managing on South Beach at the time and to attend his Naam Yoga classes and workshops. Eugene is an excellent reminder that we are grounded here on Earth and we have to do the work but also that we are star people and are so much more than we are used to thinking we are. He is a true expression of the duality of darkness and light. And he totally keeps it real! In the company of Eugene, you will surely be doing some dancing, some cacao drinking, some singing, some yoga, some laughing, or all of the above- maybe simultaneously! If you are a local to Miami, please check out one of his classes or workshops or new moon/full moon meditations! I guarantee you will be moved and have a great time, too!

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The Male Renaissance, Music, Women & Chicken with Eugene Gant


For over 16 years, EuGene Gant has been motivating people with practical teachings that encourage a conscious lifestyle ~ healthy body, clear mind and an open heart. EuGene combines Shakti Naam Yoga therapies, breathing techniques and meditation, fused with empowering mantras, and plenty of laughter. EuGene is well known for his distinctive, high energy and inspiring teaching style. He has facilitated sacred retreats in South America, Mexico and Europe. His aspiration in teaching is to assist people in achieving their highest human potential by helping them activate themselves. This is achieved through the practice of Shakti Naam Yoga, Harmonyum Healing (a Kabbalistic healing modality), ancient mantra mediation and the practical application of Universal Kabbalah. 

EuGene is currently a resident teacher at Soho Beach House and has taught classes and workshops at: The W Hotel, One Hotel, SLS and Surfcomber hotels. He has traveled extensively, teaching retreats and workshops in South America and Europe, as well as quarterly corporate speaking engagements. He is among the leading guest speakers at the International Congress of Esthetics and Spa shows across the US and the IDA program, an international music training run by multi platinum award winning engineer David Franggioni and Grammy award winning writer and producer Rudy Perez. 


Facebook: Eugenius.Sol

Instagram: SolMan

Twitter: @EuGeniusSol

Website(s): EugeniusYoga.com  , lightningpresence.com , EugeniusSol.com

Email: Eugenius@Eugeniusyoga.com



   * Books

The Nine Faces of Christ- Quest of the True Initiate by Eugene E. Whitworth

The Mysticism of Sound and Music by Hazrat Inayan Khan