Episode 15: From Her Front Yard to Worldwide- a Chat with Yarnpreneur, Sabrina Famellos

So young and vibrant, Sabrina Famellos is a FORCE. She started her company, Anzula Luxury Fivers" with $4 and has grown into having one of the best and most revered yarns in the world. She has created jobs in her town where jobs are scarce, she works every day doing something she loves, she does it with so much perseverance and grace, and she does this all with a high level of sustainability around her business practices. Sabrina is a great example of creating a business around doing what you love! So, I am so happy to introduce you all to her and her company, although if you're in the knitting world you are surely familiar with Anzula fibers. Her luxury yarn is delicious to work with. We talk about knitting, entrepreneurship, self-care, self-love, and how she came up with that awesome name for her company.

Enjoy the episode and thanks so much for listening!

Note: I apologize for the echo in this episode. Sabrina and I had only one place to record the day we chatted and the room had no sound buffering at all! I hope you can still enjoy it to its fullest. :)

From Her Front Yard to Worldwide- a Chat with Yarnpreneur, Sabrina Famellos



Sabrina Famellos is the owner and one of the dyers at Anzula Luxury Fibers. The Annual journey began in the early 2000's; Sabrina crocheted accessories and hand spun yarn to sell at farmer's markets in the Bay Area and at a yarn shop and record store in Fresno, CA. In 2003, she started dyeing the fiber that she was spinning, selling both the roving and the hand spun yarn along with the crocheted accessories. For a long time she was a one woman show, crocheting, dyeing, and spinning in her spare moments. In 2008, the economy changed and she lost her teaching position. There, in the midst of chaos, Anzula was born. Anzula luxury fibers is an independent, woman-owned company of hand-dyed yarns and fibers made from the most luxurious fibers in the world. You can find it in specialty yarn shops and online by going to www.anzula.com


Facebook: AnzulaYarns

Instagram: anzulaluxuryfibers

Twitter: @Anzula

Pinterest: Anzula Luxury Fibers

Website: www.anzula.com



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