Episode 10: Whole Child Waldorf Education with Desiree Varasteh

I loved recording this interview because it was done in the warmth and coziness of a Waldorf 1st grade classroom. Desiree is really passionate about what she does- it really comes through when she talks about children and this kind of education. And her children ADORE her and I believe that is what makes a great and effective educator. Talking to her made me excited for the future of the children at Waldorf schools, because they are in the company of and under the guidance of Waldorf educators like Desiree and the excellent staff at the Waldorf schools I've visited around the country. They are authentic, intelligent, and loving people. In our conversation, she talks about how she came to teach Waldorf education, her journey with it so far, and about the history and benefits of this kind of education.

Whole Child Waldorf Education with Desiree Varasteh (click on the link to listen or download!)

Enjoy the conversation and thank you for listening!



* Bio:

Desiree Varasteh was born in North Miami Beach and is a First Grade Waldorf Teacher, teaching at Sunrise School of Miami. Recently, she graduated her class of Eighth Grade students that she carried since they were Second Graders. She holds a Masters in Elementary Education and is currently enrolled with Great Lakes Waldorf Institute, endeavoring to achieve her Certification in Waldorf Education. On her time off she loves to dance, African dance in particular.

You can contact Desiree at Sunriseschooolofmiami@gmail.com.

* Desiree recommends:

Teaching As If Life Matters- Christopher Uhl & Dana L. Stuchul

Educating as an Art- Ekkehard Piening & Nick Lyons

Phases of Childhood- Bernard C.J. Lievegoed