Episode 9: Culture, Race, and Other Scholarly Insights with Mitzi Uehara Carter.

My guest today is the brilliant Mitzi Uehara Carter. Mitzi has a BA from Duke University in Cultural Anthropology and an MA and PhD in Anthropology from University of California at Berkeley. She has published on mixed race in Okinawa and the United States, militarization, ethnographic methodology, and Blackness in Japan. She currently teaches Anthropology and East Asian Studies at FIU in Miami. She occasionally blogs about mixed race Okinawans on gritsandsushi.com. Mitzi offers consulting services for non-profit organizations, community organizations, research institutes, or freelance projects as a cultural insights strategist. Finally, she also writes memoirs, life stories, or family biographies with a trained anthropological lens and research methodology with her soon-to-be-publicly-launched company called Cultural Storyscapes. 

Culture, Race, and Other Scholarly Insights with Mitzi Uehara Carter (click on link to listen or download)

Enjoy the conversation and thank you for listening! <3


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* Things mentioned in our conversation:

www.gritsandsushi.com (Mitzi's blog)

The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down by Anne Fadiman

Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora N. Hurston

* Mitzi recommends:

Hapa Japan: Two volume collection of essays on the history, identity, representation of mixed race Japanese.  My article is in the second volume.

Medical Apartheid — You might find yourself shaking your head through the entire book.  Well researched, well written book on the history of medical experimentation in the US.  

Death Without Weeping — I use this book a lot in my classes to discuss ethnographic method, writing, and medical anthropology.  It’s a bit old but it still works as a great introductory book to anthropology.  

Between the World and Me — Wow.  Must read.  


Hafu: the mixed-race experience in Japan— my friend Megumi made this film.  It’s about mixed race Japanese and how different folks try to make sense of being mixed in Japan.  

Nuchi Du Takara: Tales of the 'Battle of Okinawa' in California- Mitzi was an organizing team member on this documentary.

I am Not Your Negro — Based on James Baldwin’s powerful words—letters, speeches, books…It’s potent stuff.  

Race: The Power of an Illusion  — powerful three part documentary.  I use this in my class to discuss how race is not biologically real but how radicalization and racism moves and circulates. 

Fall Seven Times, Get Up Eight: The Japanese War Brides.  This is a really incredible documentary — about 30 minutes and speaks to much of my mother’s experience.  Also, be sure to read this article by one of the co-directors - a Washington Post editor.