Today is blog action day and bloggers around the world were asked to dedicate today to the topic of water. When I think about water, I immediately think of the earth being approximately 75% water.  And then I think of how our bodies are approximately 75% water.  And it ties in to a truth I have been shown time and time again lately:  all you have to do is truly understand ONE thing to understand everything.

I have been having a lot of dreams with water lately and a friend of mine who studied Jungian dream analysis told me that water in dreams represents emotions.  Since I have been paying more attention to my dreams and keeping a dream journal, I have been much more sensitive to pretty much everything.  And the other day while flipping through the pages of one of Emoto's books (as in Masaru Emoto who studied the effects of energy and vibrations on water), I realized why I am- and everyone else on this planet- affected by my environment so much.  And it's not enough that human beings are mostly water, but I am a woman.  I have a 28 day cycle, just as the moon does. The moon affects the ocean.  The ocean is made of water.  Thus, the moon affects me.  Why most people don't believe or understand this, I am not quite sure.  But I do.

So here I am- a woman- going around the world being affected by my environment... by people's words, actions, music, energies, vibrations... by the moon.  My molecules of water being constantly shaped and reshaped.  Maybe enlightenment is simply having a pristine molecular structure inside the water found in one's body.  But how do we go without being affected by everyone else's crap... or our own, for that matter?

It is my deep understanding that we are all on this planet just doing our thing.  I truly don't think anyone means to hurt anyone else.  But we often offend and become offended because we are all so different; have had different upbringings resulting in different beliefs and actions.  Which is why I believe the Toltec wisdom of "don't take anything personally" is very helpful. Some things hurt.  A lot.  But if we can truly consider whatever it is for a moment for whatever it really is, then maybe our inner oceans wouldn't be so polluted.  And then maybe we'll stop polluting the oceans of this world as well.  Think about that for a moment...

This all brings new meaning to the basic human right "Everyone deserves clean water."

We all do.