The tap-dancing bee.

This morning- the first day of the Aquarian Age- I woke up thinking of an old friend. It's pretty perfect that he was the first thing on my mind from the moment I opened my eyes because if anyone ever embodied truth and love, he did. He was a rare, pure and brilliant gem in this world. I had never met anyone like him before and have not since- besides my husband. Over breakfast I read an essay he wrote while at MIT that I read every once in a while when I think of him and start to miss him. If you want a glimpse as to how wonderful he is and to help me honor and remember a beautiful soul, please read this. I started talking about him to my husband and little one and tears swelled up in my eyes. I always feel so much regret when I remember him and his light, because when I knew him I was preoccupied with too much crap to really pay attention to him. But had I paid attention I would have realized then that he was a bringer of light, a changer of lives and a bestower of love. The infinite and unconditional kind of love that few know how to give. I mean, I knew he was different and special and so unusually intelligent that I certainly didn't live where he lived but I didn't really appreciate it until much later in life after I had made many shifts that I looked back and was humbled and speechless thinking about what an incredible and special soul I was blessed to have known. Unfortunately, I had lost touch with him way before that and a few years after his wonderfulness was revealed to me, he was found floating in a pond in Vermont after he had strayed from his friends while camping. I hadn't known him in a long time but I felt a deep loss and I still do.

After breakfast I played our song, "No Rain" which always makes me think of him. Even though he told me I reminded him of the bee in the video, I think he was the bee. Misunderstood and looking for other bees to share time and space with. I suppose I am a bee now, too. After, I played the song that was playing when I experienced the night sky in full glory for the first time- clear, dark, full of stars and nebulae and completely magical. While he was nowhere around when that happened, he was very near.

What a soul... his light still inspires me.