Last night I took a walk under the light of the incredibly bright Supermoon with my hunny and one of my little ones. At the end of my walk, I wanted to take a bit more of the moon's energy in so as my hunny and sleeping little one went upstairs, I lingered behind. I caught a clear glimpse through the beautiful tall tree in front of my building and closed my eyes and opened my palms to the moon. I asked it to give me a clear message- whatever it needed to communicate to me. I stood in silence for a moment and then went upstairs and put my little one to bed. My message came at 4am (oh, those ambrosial hours are so rich with wisdom). I opened my eyes and was suddenly wide awake. I read a little bit and then lay in bed, staring at the ceiling. Then my message came...

I had been struggling with a major sweet tooth lately. I think a balanced amount of sweets and treats are great and good for the soul but lately I was just crazy with eating sweets. I had been trying to get a handle on it and every time I got it in check, it would last a day or so and then I would binge on sweets the very next day.

I was thinking about all of this when it became so clear suddenly- with all the changes and struggles lately, I was trying to get the sweetness of life through my food! I've faced a lot of challenges lately in every aspect of life and I've been trying to move through them while still trying to extract sweetness from anywhere. Once I knew this, my out of control sweet tooth was back in check.

I remember a conversation I had with a friend while our kids played at the park together Saturday. We chatted about how a lot of things- specifically diseases- come from emotions. She recalled the year she was diagnosed with cancer was a very difficult year when things she had not yet dealt with emotionally reared their ugly heads. This reaffirms my belief that there is a reason for everything and that our bodies are always talking to us via physical manifestations and emotions. Emotions have a lot of wisdom to impart and if we tune in to them and pay attention, can reveal some things about our life that aren't always so apparent to us.