Tonight, taking some very wise words to heart, I went to a long overdue New Moon women's circle.  The last time I went to one I was about as pregnant as I am now but with my first little one which I thought was SO great.  And it was again led by Gina the divine powerhouse.  Gina and the circle both helped me remember that the simplest things create revolution.  I always think I am lacking in this respect and feel that I have to DO something or BE someone that is more present, more outspoken, more vocal, more this or that or whatever.  When really, when it comes down to it, I realize my life is revolutionary in and of itself.  No bullhorns, no banners, just the things I do while I breathe in and out all day are a catalyst for change.

How so?

I don't accept anything just because it's "how things are done."  I constantly ask questions.  I make my own rules based on my intuition and what I feel is my inner wisdom.  I think for myself.  And while I may feel fear about doing things differently, I don't remain afraid and I push through the chasm of the unknown.

Revolution is important to me because I believe MORE than change is needed.  I think we need more unknown and more out of the box-ness.  Actually, there is no effing box.  So... I do what I do.

I didn't birth in a hospital.  I have tattoos.  I pierced my nose. I appreciate my period and don't plug it with a tampon.  I changed my name for no overwhelming reason.  I've been vegan and vegetarian and raw and I even broke with that unconvention and went back to being an omnivore.  A socially conscious omnivore.  THAT is a revolution-  the movement in a circular course... back to the beginning but wiser for the journey.  I unschool my kid.  I didn't need a paper or a church to call my soul mate my husband.  Instead we live happy and free as we see fit and write our own rules every day.  Oh yeah and we actually like and respect each other.  I don't own a microwave.  I don't wear makeup.  We don't drink alcohol.  I only drink out of glass bottles.  I only turn on my A/C at night.  We own one TV that we rarely turn on.  I don't watch the news.  I don't believe there is a difference between Republicrats and Demicans so I don't bother with politics.  I don't frequent malls.  I broke with all organized religion.  I don't have casual sex.  My friends all embrace their quirk and love themselves.  My soul is greatly fed by being in nature.  I speak my truth always.  I do yoga.  I follow the seasons.  I follow the moon.  I don't bombard my body with acceptable chemical mixtures also known as "beauty products" and some "food".  I don't see an allopathic doctor.  I don't want to "keep up with the Kardashians."  I love to read.  I am not in relationships with friends or otherwise that I "have to make work".  I do things that feel good and make sense.  I don't take aspirin or ibuprofen for headaches.  I use herbs.  I don't wear high heels every day because I like my back.

I'm not saying anyone has to do what I do like I do it.  I do it all because it's important to ME.  All of this makes me feel happy and free.  And I hope you're doing what makes you feel happy and free too.  In the end, that simple thing IS WHAT IS revolutionary.