Ode to a WONDERful man.

My husband must SERIOUSLY love me. I went from having almost waist-long, thick, shiny beautiful hair during my pregnancy to then having it all dry and almost all fall out around my 7th month postpartum. To then have the hair that fell out start growing back out and have a head of hair with half waist-long hair and half a mere half inch in length. To then being fed up with how weird it looked so I went out one random thursday and got a pixie cut.

Which brings us to now.

A grown out pixie cut somewhere between Cosmo Kramer and Marge Simpson. The other day as we walked through a doorway he jolkingly walked through it all spastic, a la Kramer on Seinfeld. We had a good laugh.

But his making fun of me is not why I love him so profoundly.

He is the best father to our daughter. He gives me foot massages all the time. Especially after really long days and even if he's had one too. Ssometimes, even without asking for one. He tells me I am beautiful nearly every day even though I look like Kramer and complain about my hair every day and will probably do so until I have a bob. He surprises me with flowers. He is a bad ass chef and makes our meals with pleasure and with so much love. He only complains about my purchases once in a blue moon.

And he is so unintentionally funny. Which makes him that much funnier! Even when he's poking fun at me- like today in the shower when he said my shower cap makes me look like the joker and he danced around like Jack Nicholson in the original Batman- he makes me laugh so hard my abs start to hurt. He reminds me to take time for myself amid all these changes and he is happy to work with me to make my alone time or exercise time possible. He is steady and calm. He is strong and flexible. He cares about everyone that crosses his path and even those that don't. He is generous and gives for the sake of giving. He is a force and even after all this time together I feel as if I am still getting to know him. He is the most open-hearted, authentic and determined man I know and I love him so, so, so much.

And I'm not writing this because I know he'll read it and smile and give me a yummy foot massage. hahaha

I'm writing it because- from my heart- I know I am blessed and I feel grateful every day to be by his side. Even on the days that don't feel so great. Even on the days we don't communicate well. Even when we don't get each other. It's all part of US.

And US is good. :)