Mountain. Music.

I had always hoped to have the chops to leave Miami when my soul felt it was time to go. We visited NC and upon landing both my husband and I felt the slow and steady soulful pulse of that city and both felt it was definitely time.

So, here we are!

The first week was grueling. Crappy landlord stuff. Emotional baggage surfaced and reared its ugly head. Boxes everywhere and not enough room for our STUFF. And then something in me just let go and said "fuck it" and threw away that which was just STUFF. We fit nicely in this cozy house and although it will probably not be our permanent home here, we have made it ours for the time we are here. And once we step out of the house, the magic is everywhere.

Starting with our neighbors...

Being that in Miami I don't think I've ever said more than hello to a neighbor, we have won the neighbor lottery! No awkward avoidance of eye contact and mumbled half ass hello's here. We befriended our sweet neighbors before we even moved in, corresponding via e-mail about the city and the neighborhood. To our very pleasant surprise, they live close to the earth like we do- probably more so- and have so much wisdom to share. They also have an awesome little one year old who was born the day after our son and not only are they on the same nap schedule but they play very well together. Our neighbors are always warm and friendly and always have a smile to offer.

This city has a farmer's market every day somewhere in town which is just GRAVY because their markets are full of local goodness that is fresh, delicious and when made into a meal by my wizard husband tastes UNREAL.

All these things are really soothing my soul while I transition out of being a 35 year Miamian. It's been hard and I miss my family and friends. My kids miss their grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends but thankfully technology has curbed that hurdle.

This morning I really dropped into the waves of gratitude and out of the vibrations of lack and negativity from feelings of mourning or loss. The first thing I did was drink from our stash of spring water we collected yesterday and felt massively grateful. We went to a farmer's market downtown that had some ridiculously good live African music. We were dancing while we ate a scrumptious gluten free pastry (gluten free options are everywhere here) and the kids were dancing and playing with other kids. I just snapped out of my pain body and began to enjoy the present. I felt so grateful for everything and everyone that had gotten me here- I even blessed the experiences that seemed hard because for one reason or another they led us here. I realized that in less than a week, my kids had already gotten more experiences of music than I could remember back home in the last year (not counting their music together class)! This city has so much of what we were always scared to ask for and then when we realized our souls were starving for it, it materialized as this charming place.

Another wonderful aspect about this city (is there a BEST part?!?... I don't know!) is that we already have two close tribespeeps- a beautiful couple we love to spend time with who are soon to be parents. They helped us get here to Asheville- he LITERALLY moved us here because besides all the awesome things his cool business does, they're also movers. They opened their home to us to come visit, to find a place to live and then to welcome us here the first night of our lives here while we waited for our house to be ready to move into. They embody all the warmth, simplicity and giving nature of this wonderful city and of pure love. I am so excited to be on this leg of my journey with them.

I have chosen to accept the mountain medicine that is permeating my space right now. Ocean medicine has been with me for the last 35 years... in Miami, New York and San Diego. Ebb and flow. Searching my depth. Now the mountain calls me to rise above, reach for the sky and clouds, strive for massive greatness and foster stability and fortitude. Mountains remind me of pyramids and they make me think of that part in a Tom Robbins book I adore, "Pyramids are pedestals, babe. A pyramid is merely a base for something else to stand on. Souls. Souls like you and me. And we have to stand on them now. The pyramid is the bottom and the top is us. The top is all of us. All of us who're crazy enough and brave enough and in love enough. The pyramids were built as pedestals that the souls of the truly alive and the truly in love could stand upon and bark at the moon. And I believe that our souls, yours and mine, will stand together atop the pyramids forever." (This is for you, John. I love you more than words can say.) Man, that guy can write.

One thing I have to add, though- sitting on the toilet in the morning is no. fun. at. all.