Hug Time.

I've been so emotional lately.  So, today when I was in line at the local Barnes and Noble waiting to pay for some books and I came upon this gem, I was crying in line.  I hope you love every second of it, as I did. "Hug Time" by Patrick McDonnell

There once was a kitten so filled with love.  He wanted to give the whole world a hug.

"Hug the whole world, will that make it better?" as Jules nodded yes, Doozy helped with his sweater.

There was no one this kitten wanted to miss, ao he made (and checked twice) a Hug To-Do List.

He hugged his best friends, Mooch, Noodles, and Earl,

A butterfly, buttercups, a little gray squirrel.

He hugged all the birds he could find in the park.  So many to hug before it got dark!

Jules jumped on a boat and set out to sail

And soon he spotted a big blue tail...

attached to a huggable BIG blue whale.

The boat docked in Africa and Jules kissed the ground- the earth so prcious, so fragile, so round.

He hugged an elephant,

and a chimpanzee...

a giraffe,

a hippo,

and a baobab tree

Exploring the rain forest by foot and canoe,

Jules discovered a species brand-new.

Kneeling he whispered, "We welcome you."

Traveling on, he hugged a gnu,

a panda,

a peacock,

a petite pudu.

A wallaby, wombat,

and a humuhumu fish (number three hundred six on his Hug To-Do List.

But at the North Pole Jules sadly found

what it would be like with no one around.

So Jules was surprised when his tail got a tug

and a polar bear asked "Woud YOU like a hug?"

The world is so big

And yet so small

It's time that we embrace it all.

That's something that we can all do.

Start with the one who's closest to you.