Happy Chives.

Our friends are truly the best.

So our awesome friend Gebi has come to stay with us for a while. He's an all around phenomenal being- health mentor, devotee of Sai Baba, former Olympic athlete and water sports coach. He is very motivating on many levels and always comes with so much to offer us.

Yesterday as he and my husband were outside playing in our backyard, he spotted some wild edibles. We've been here for a month and totally missed it but he caught it right away. He went and grabbed his pocket knife and before we knew it we had bunches and bunches of wild delicious chives!

He handed me one and I ate it right out of the ground. It was sweet and delicious. I took a moment because my heart swelled with gratitude. The fact that food grows out of the ground... FOOD... as in gracious nutrition for the beings on this planet that grows free and abundantly... just blows my mind. It is nothing short of miraculous.

Unfortunately, not many see it this way anymore. I thought about that for a while yesterday as I watched my little ones play among the weeds and the chives and apparently a bunch of other produce that will bud in the spring according to Gebi. We have lost the reverence to the earth and its sacred processes. Why? I suppose because we no longer see it. Not many of us grow our own food anymore or even know someone who does. So, we miss out on the opportunity to see a seed being planted, being nurtured by the planter, by water, by the sun, sprouting to life and proceeding through the growth process.

This  has many implications. Since we don't have an appreciation of where our food comes from, we usually don't care what it is we're eating. It also means we allow things like frankenfoods- GMO's, pesiticide-laden foods, chemicals, manufactured "foods"- into our beautiful bodies. This not only disconnects us from our food but from ourselves. If we all remembered we are spirits inhabiting a sacred temple, we would not allow any disconnection from ourselves or from the things we take in through our senses. All it takes is a little bit of awareness.

I can't fully tell you how I feel right now knowing there is food growing in my backyard. Having had a delicious organic baked potato last night full of chives from the land on which I live has made me feel so humble and grateful. It has opened up pathways in my mind connected to creativity, creation and oneness. I feel like tiny explosions are going off in my mind and heart. Since last night I have been in awe of the fact that we take and exhaust and discard yet we continue to be supported and gifted by the Earth in countless ways. Every day the sun rises. Every day there is oxygen to breathe. Every day living water gushes out of springs to sustain life.

If we are to heal the world, let's begin by healing ourselves. Let's till the soil of our soul because it's the only one we truly have any reign over. When it is healthy and whole then so will our external soil be. Then we can grow and create whatever we want and enjoy bounty beyond our imaginations!

To our health and the health of our planet <3