Dear scary angry vegans...

*** Please note:  This doesn't include my beautiful vegan friends.  They are awesome and big hearted and wonderful people all around not just in their food choices :) ***

... You are scary and mean!  Please do not come into my establishment, enjoy a delicious fresh, organic vegan meal then on the way out call us horrible for having non-vegan options!

I know better than to take anything personally, but it's difficult to take being called horrible to your face well.  It was so shocking.  I was happily preparing my veggies and flax crackers for my lunch and she came up to me at the counter with one of our products in hand and said "As a patron, I am VERY DISAPPOINTED that you sell this product here.  This place is NOT what I expected!  How could you sell bee pollen, honey, and this awful colostrum!  You are taking the food from the baby cows who need it and who are ripped from their mothers at birth never to see them again.  I thought this was a vegan place.  I am SO DISAPPOINTED!  This is horrible.  You are horrible."  And so on and so on but a lot of it was a nonsensical ramble and barely understandable.

She was very worked up and I realized that if I followed suit, it would get unnecessarily ugly.  So, I took a deep breath, let her finish and then responded, "Thank you for your feedback, maam.  Just so you know, we are here to offer health to everyone, not just vegans.  There are healthy, socially-conscious people that eat animal products that we want to serve as well and make it easy for them too to find a healthy and fresh place to eat.  I myself along with some family members ran into a lot of trouble being vegan.  It was a beautiful journey while our bodies supported it but now we have had to change the way we eat because of pressing health issues.  With that, we realized that everyone needs and deserves healthy options, not just vegans.  We do offer amazing vegan food choices but have decided to not limit ourselves to just that."

To which she responded (after a long pause...), "Still, this place is not what I expected.  I thought you were geared to one thing and I was wrong.  This is SO DISAPPOINTING!" and then went on to angrily and rudely interrupt me and allude that meat eaters do not deserve health.  She began to slightly raise her voice and get a crazed look on her face.

I realized she didn't want an explanation to the product in question.  She just wanted to be a mean scary vegan.  And I ain't up for that or for anyone to try to change my mind about what I eat so I calmly said, "Maam, please respect me.  You are welcome here anytime if you choose to return.  Thank you for your business."   And then walked away.  I don't want her scary angry vegan baggage.  It's no one's job to change anybody's mind about anything, we only change ourselves.  I can appreciate opinions, but when attacked- errrr, not so much.  At the point of attack, I feel like people are just fighting with themselves so there's no point in discussing anything or even really being there since people are just acting out on their own dramas.

It seems like I've been defending my eating habits forever.  When I was a vegetarian/vegan, "Why on earth would you not eat meat?!?"...  Now that I eat meat again, "How could you possibly eat meat?!?"  


Honestly, I dont care what anyone eats anymore.  I'm not a big believer in the way you eat making you more a lesser or greater humanbeing.  I believe in letting everyone live their life.  And I believe in loving kindness.  And what- pray tell- is the point of her kindness towards animals and vegan ideals if she can't be kind to herself or to other human beings?  That's whyI stopped being a member of PETA when I was a hard core vegan- because you just don't throw cans of paint at people no matter who it is. 

So much for that whole idea that not eating animals makes for less karma and makes you nicer!