A perspective-changing peace.

A while back I wrote a post about an angry vegan lady who told me I was horrible while I was helping my husband out at his organic vegan/vegetarian restaurant. She got in my face and told me I was awful because the restaurant had Surthrival's Colostrum on its retail shelves. Even though I explained to her that Daniel Vitalis (founder of Surthrival products) is a very heart-centered gentleman who set up the very humane and loving process by which his products are collected, she continued to berate me and the establishment. I calmly said to her that "vegans are not the only people in the world who deserve health- we all do." Speaking those words caused a ripple effect within me that continues to this day. Initially I was angry at her but I knew a confrontation was not in order at that moment. So from the moment I began to speak, I lovingly and gently said to her what I thought needed to be said. Somehow I remained calm through the whole thing. That marked the first time I can ever remember when I infused peace into a distressing situation when what I initially (due to programming and limited vision) wanted to do was yell at her "Do you think that because you go out of your way to not harm animals you are the ONLY group of people in the world who deserve to revel in health and happiness? You are a joke. You'll treat an animal with respect but not me- a human being? Hello!" I'm so glad I didn't because the vibration and the utterance of those words that did come from me helped me make a huge shift in perspective.

For a few days after that experience, I thought about it over and over. I thought about how easy it is to get angry about our differences. I mostly always have. Until recently. That and a few other very cosmic and spiritual experiences which I won't go into right now have showed me that light now reigns in some parts of me that were once overrun by ignorance and darkness. I didn't hear her words so much as felt HER- felt her human pain. To the point that she had to go and attack another person- one she had never met before... someone she knew nothing about and yet decided to make a target of. What do we all want? All of us? Every single one of us?

We want love.

And everything we do is a way get closer to it. Or better, to remember that we are it.

In realizing that we are all part of One, we find unlimited forgiveness and wellsprings of compassion. Through seeing HER, I turned and saw myself. And on and on and on.

The other day at my house, a momma friend of mine opened up about something important and dear to her I knew NOTHING about except for some misconceptions and tall tales. I could have taken the easy way out- the conventional way out- and judged her and written her off. But I was fascinated. Here was someone who believed something so different than me but with whom I connected with immediately on a very deep level. I was fascinated that we could be so similar and worlds apart simultaneously. I heart her story and I loved it. I loved her for sharing it and I love her more for it.

I know it's hard to connect with someone radically different. It would be hard for me to sit in the same room with a radical Muslim or a pedophile or Anne Coulter and feel any similarity. But we all have a story. Every. Single. One. Of. Us. We all come from somewhere different. And we all want love. Holding this mantra in my heart- "We all want love"- has caused an expansion that I am so humbled by and grateful for. It has altered my life, it has improved my ability to be open and it has helped me see.

I believe we could benefit from trying to at the very least understand THAT we are different. Not even "how", just "that". I try for the sake of my daughter's experience in this world. I try for me. I try for everyone of you.