A cool yule :)

Earlier this fall, I committed to reading about and understanding the origins and the true meanings behind the festivals I celebrate. I found out that Yule has to do with the coming of the SUN and celebrating the coming of more light and less darkness. I've been thrilled about it because it's been so much fun and tonight it gets even funner! We bought an awesome little fir tree whose needles we will save to make incense for next year's Yule, we bought some cinnamon-coated pine cones that we are using as our centerpiece and we made our own incense to burn until Yule (which falls on the day of the Winter Solstice) that is so soothing and smells delicious. Our little one had a great time making it with us too! She loved hacking away at the cinnamon and herbs with our mortar and pestle. Tonight is Yule Eve and we will celebrate it with some fall foods, eaten by candlelight to enjoy the last of the dark nights. Sweet potatoes cooked with some warm spices, herbal teas and fruits and nuts. Yum! We will also add some unique things of our own to celebrate the season together. I can't wait :)

Last year, we stayed home on Christmas Eve (and didn't even know about Yule) and cuddled while we watched movies and our little one nursed to sleep. It was yummy too. We gave each other handmade gifts and reveled in our togetherness. This year we opted for no gifts for ourselves and gave away gifts that are organic, sustainable, promote local farms and are healthy and have a hand-made element to them. We are so happy with our discovery of the original celebration that is more in line with the Great Spirit and the Mother Goddess. And we are so happy for our little one who will grow up with a tradition of this season that is closer to the Earth than what we grew up with.

Here comes the Sun :) Enjoy its warmth, everyone!