I may lose a few of you here, but I've always written for myself first. Gratefully, other mothers have expressed appreciation for my writing and have connected with me on many levels so it has fulfilled one of its major purposes besides being completely self-indulgent. Not everyone believes in the same things obviously (such a beautiful part of life, no?), but I write about what I believe and what I know so here goes... Yesterday was 12.12.12, a day that a few years ago held a lot of significance for me but had been put on the back-burner along with my spiritual practices, books, meditation, yoga, and other things very dear to my heart. I went about my day yesterday as if nothing huge was occurring subtly and globally. I didn't even realize it was 12.12.12 until late afternoon and things about my day started coming together in my mind.

For a few weeks now, everyone in my home has been ill in some form or another- sore throats, flus, stomach flus, headaches, etc. We've been taking turns and recycling them, it seems. While it's never fun to be sick, in my home we consider it a blessing in disguise. We believe our bodies are getting out the uglies and shifting things around for the better- physically and energetically. As of last night, three of us were in a deep, full-fledged, achey-body cold. And we rarely get sick. Especially my husband who has the immune system of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. He hasn't had a cold in years. So, for the three of us to be sick at the same time and for so long made me take notice.

Yesterday was also a big day for both of us individually. We set some actions into motion to begin new phases of our lives. Some big deal stuff. So by the afternoon when I was taking stock of our day and everything else lately, I realized a "quickening" really was occurring in our little space in the world and in the universe at large, simultaneously. Mystics and yogis and many others of countless different faiths have been paying attention to the ascencion that has been occurring from 1.1.01 to 12.12.12. It's what we believe in my circle and it is important to us because of what it all means- we will all be tuning into a high frequency, a way of living guided by our hearts and some long overdue global changes for the betterment of humanity and life on earth. 12.12.12 was the last of the energy downloads blasted upon us and it's now time to release everything that keeps us vibrating at a lower frequency. Everything. It's time to soar.

When I realized everything that was occurring to us on this day and what day it was, I was completely awestruck. I was humbled into silence for a while. You can take the girl out of the cosmic karma, but you can't take the cosmic karma out of the girl! Everything I had let take a backseat to raising my children and indulging in the difficulties of being a mother called to me and demanded my attention again. I was grateful to still feel part of the mystery; to feel Spirit so close to our lives. I believe the upgrade is happening- to all of us- whether we want to acknowledge it or not. I believe we are stepping into the fifth dimension and into new ways to experience life... I had just forgotten it for a while.

This morning I woke up earlier than everyone else. My achey body walked over to the iPod docked on the speaker and I went to my goto mantras: RaMaDaSa for healing and the Gayatri for well- everything, pretty much. It felt nice to be in that still space again. I hadn't been there as fully and whole-heartedly as I had this morning in a very. long. time.

The Age of Aquarius is feeling good so far :)