Happy chickens.

A friend of ours sent us to her friend's house. She just had a hunch we would absolutely love them. We almost didn't go because we've been so beat up by the last few weeks and needed a rest. And also, little one #1 decided- after getting dressed and putting her shoes on- that she wasn't going anywhere. All the coaxing in the world wasn't going to get her out of the house. Any mom of a toddler knows to start getting ready about an hour before you actually have to leave the house to account for the "I'm not going" negotiations. Problem was, we were already running a bit late as lunch took a while to cook. Stressed out already, a drive to Homestead would be more taxing than relaxing... so we thought.

The moment we walked in, Mary and Benoit welcomed us into their lovely and so peaceful home with warm smiles. We chatted for a bit in the living room about our current transitions and feeling out the changes. They were so incredible and gave us some great financial wisdom. We talked about green and healthy living for a bit and then they took us out for a tour of their land.

It was so lovely when they took us out to show us their land. They worked very symbiotically with all their fruit and vegetable gardens and with their happy chicken coops and not once gave the impression of ownership over any of it. They talked about working WITH the land and with the plants and animals on it. They knew all their trees. Although they had a lot on their land, they knew where everything was. Black zapote trees, mamey trees, papaya trees, avocado trees, nispero trees, stevia leaf, mulberrry bushes... I was like a kid in a candy store. In awe of everything and so happy to see people actually living a life I dream of and doing it so easily and simply. They picked some eggs from the coop as well as some radishes, green beans and beets to give to us to take home. What gifts!

I asked them where I could get a green juice nearby and she mentioned any place would probably be closed already. But she said she would be happy to bring their juicer out and go pick some greens with me. My husband and her husband went into the house with the kids while we walked on to pick some delicious, crisp, fresh organic arugula, collards, cilantro, kale, red leaf lettuce and fennel. We also picked a carambola to mix in there too. When we came back into the house there was delicious homemade kombucha (which my toddler was happily drinking her second cup of) and ears of organic yellow corn boiling in a big pot with celtic sea salt and raw butter waiting on the table for them to be ready. We talked and laughed and felt so fulfilled and at peace as the late afternoon sun warmed us through the large windows. My daughter happily munched on her corn and thought it so awesome and novel to stick those spikey corn holders on each end. She threw back some major amounts of kombucha (and she took home a piece of their scoby). I took all my greens to the juicer and the juice tasted delicious mixed with a little of that kombucha. So much homemade love and goodness. Our hearts were bursting.

Thank Goddess for friends like this.

Simple. Loving Kindness. Integrity. Pure wonderfulness.