Are we depressed?

Earlier today, a friend of mine asked me if I thought she was depressed. She was asking me since I am about women, mental health, and overall wellness. My response to her was, "Are you REALLY asking?" because I'm not sure if she wanted superficial support (of which I don't indulge anyway) or if she was really wanting to consider the possibility.

When she replied, "Yes, I am really asking", this was my response:

"I would venture to say that most people are depressed. But don't label yourself anything and then call it a day. That doesn't help anyone. Say you are depressed... whatever. Fine. Forget the label. How do you really feel? Do you feel good? If not, then change. Change whatever it is that’s not making you feel good. If you can’t change that thing/person/situation then change your response or involvement to that thing/person/situation because that’s all we really can change or control. If you’re not jumping up and down about something in your life with a huge “FUCK YEAH!!” then it’s a NO. It’s not a "maybe I can hang with this.... eh..." It's a NO. Make a YES life for yourself. Life is short. We all know this. 

We are all depressed. We take pharmaceuticals, we are alcoholics, we are drug addicts, social media mongers, overeaters, tv addicts, workaholics, etc etc etc because life is not as it should be. Real joy is more absent than it should be. Anyone can refute that if they want to but I will challenge them by asking them when was the last time they danced or played or laughed or fucked (WELL) or had time to relax in silence and enjoy themselves. Even those of us that have not succumbed to addiction are being unwillingly attacked by environmental toxins, noise pollution, fluoride, ridiculously strong electromagnetic fields, genetically modified foods, insects, and animals, propaganda, basic survival stress, a lack of community, etc etc etc so ALL of our immune systems, read EVERY SINGLE ONE, are actually physically depressed even if we are not emotionally depressed.

Drop the label. Just find the joy. Strap on your boots and find your joy yourself because NO ONE is going to do it for you."

When I finished writing I felt as if I had just written a manifesto of sorts. Something to build my coaching and-eventually- my therapeutic practice on. I live like this. I didn't use to, though. I didn't know I was responsible for my joy. It was always out there somewhere. 

Screw "out there somewhere." I am here ready to dance, to laugh, to play, to feel bliss from hair to yoni to toes, and to relax in the silence of my own meticulously-tended-to and gorgeous innerspace. 

Wanna come out and play?