Bianco in Coconut Grove!

So, I'm not one to promote too many places on my blog. I think the only other write up regarding a store I've ever posted was about The Knitting Garden (did I mention they have an online shop now???) but if you know me at all you knew it was just a matter of time. :) So, I've found another noteworthy place. The reason I do these write ups is because I would love everyone in this city to patronize these places because they have a certain something that make them special and unique.

What is special about Bianco in Coconut Grove?...

It is the only really healthy ice cream shop in Miami. I met the owner the first time I went in and he was kind and charming and wonderful. He let us try as many flavors as we wanted and as we tasted he told us about how he buys all the ingredients himself and he makes sure everything is fresh, organic, chemical-free and non-gmo. AMAZING! He was so proud of it too and it was sweet to see him smile while he said all of that. He said he did it for his kids (which happened to walk in at the moment he said it) which I thought was so incredibly vulnerable and loving.

The space is decorated clean and tastefully- all wood and white. There are games on the tables and Calvin and Hobbes comic books on one of the tables (he is a man after my heart!) and CHIA SEEDS AS HEALTHY SPRINKLES!!! And... gluten free cones. Squeeeeeee!!!

The ice cream is incredible. He has delicious tasting vegan and non-vegan flavors. My favorite is the Sea Salt and Caramel and the Chocolate Mint but they are all INCREDIBLE. He also has sustainability in mind, as he expressed and as is apparent with his choice of napkins, spoons, and cups.

Please patronize Bianco!!! Let's keep it open and thriving. Let's sustain more businesses such as these- businesses that care about people and about our planet!


3137 Commodore Plaza Coconut Grove, Florida 33133 305.458.4455

... and stay tuned for the gem of a coffee shop I found in Coral Gables- Cafe Curuba! It will be my 3rd shameless plug :)

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