My M.O. about B.O.

I used to be a Gucci-purse-toting, Fendi-tee-wearing, thick-layer-of-MAC-cosmetics-on- every-inch-of-my-face, low-self-esteem, almost-alcoholic, disaster of a "woman." Now I am a happy, healthy, whole hippie. Now, please don't misunderstand. I don't think the world has to be crunchy like I am now. Everyone has their unique and special path and purpose in the world. But somethings just make good sense. One of them being not wearing chemical deodorants!

If you are at all concerned at the overly-abundant amount of toxic chemicals found in conventional deodorants- and in my opinion, everyone can really benefit from becoming more aware of what they put in their body- I have an easy alternative for you!

There is this wonderful magical fairyland of a website called Mountain Rose Herbs. It has tea blends, herbs, essential oils, spices, seasonings and a spectacular variety of natural products for our bodies and our homes. Through them I learned to make my own deodorant at home.

One thing you learn along the way is that when you start cleaning up your environment and the kinds of foods you eat you start to need deodorant less and less because your body works more efficiently and is cleaner from the inside out. The toxic load is reduced. I mean body odor is never going to smell like roses, but you do smell less and sometimes not at all. And if you are totally crunchy like me, you don't mind a little occasional sweat. If I offend anyone, it's more their issue, not mine. Admittedly, I don't use deodorant everyday because for one I have two kids and I forget. But also because it is no longer a priority for me to mask my natural scent. If one is to believe Spirit created us in all its perfection, shouldn't that include our sweat glands as well? Something to think about!

Buuuuuut, like I said everyone has their preferences. So, if you opt for deodorant, I urge you to read labels. They're kinda scary! And if you are keen on trying this at home, here is the recipe I got from Mountain Rose Herbs (you can purchase all the ingredients there or at any health food store and you can find awesome, high-quality essential oils here and here):

1.5 oz organic Witch Hazel extract

10 drops organic Sweet Orange essential oil

1-2 drops of organic Vetiver essential oil

(optional) 5 drops of vanilla or rose oil (just because I LOOOOOVE vanilla and rose oils)

... and if all of this is way too much for you, you can always dip your finger under the running water in the bathroom sink, dip it into a box of baking soda and- voila- that one tiny bit will leave you stink free all day!

Have fun brewing!