peepee teepees

I seem to have lost my super cape.

My house is full of molding clay.  Like... it's EVERYWHERE.  I can't keep a clean house longer than an hour. I do laundry every day now.  Every day.  I once asked a mom friend about laundry and cloth diapering before I had little one #1 and she said "I do laundry every other day or every day."  I remember thinking, "I am NEVER going to do that."  Never was closer than I thought.

My favorite tee shirt is full of dried milk.  And I still haven't changed.

I went to the park this morning with the two kiddos for the time today and it went fairly well but my back hurts so much from it and I had to ask another mom for help to get both kids in the car.  And I had to stay longer than I wanted to because little one #1 refused to get up off a friend's buzzy car and I had no hands to pick her up with to take her to the car.

I left the house without brushing my hair (but did somehow manage to brush my teeth... hooray!)

When I was pulling up to my house, I looked to the backseat and saw both little ones peacefully asleep in their chairs.  I don't mind staying in the car for as long as I need to for them to nap but today it was a problem because I really had to go to the bathroom and had no stroller in the trunk to help me carry my 30 lb. toddler home while loaded with a heavy diaper bag and an infant car seat with my infant in it.  I waited for an hour and when I couldn't wait any more, I woke up little one #1, grabbed #2 out of his chair with lightning speed and ran upstairs in just enough time to make it without any accidents.  And since little one #2 is in arms, I am writing this in my underwear because I didn't have any hands to pull my shorts back up.

I got peed on 3 times today by little one #2.  He's a boy.  p.s....Peepee Teepees don't work.

I went to see my husband for lunch at our restaurant and he was in the middle of a rush and a photo shoot.  So when little one #1 was tugging at his pants and not letting him talk he said to me, "Figure out what to do with her because I'm in the middle of a lot right now."  I understood, but it still sucked.

The routine and the familiarity I had reached for little one #1 and I is gone.  I had gotten as far as starting to do some preschool homeschooling with her a bit- lots of reading, art, crafts, parks, playdates, etc but now that's all gone now and super mom went with it.

I feel completely defeated and, not to mention, very tired.  I'm sure I'll get the hang of it but today, two feels really REALLY hard.