feist song

Mushaboom room.

"... and we'll collect the moments one by oneI guess that's how the future's done, oh."

If there is one song that is always going to remind me of my ever-so-peaceful, comfortable, and charming second floor walk up, it's "Mushaboom" by Feist.  I'm always going to remember my mornings with the sun shining through the large window that faces east, lovingly warming my cheeks as I listened to music, wrote, and ate my breakfast. "Mushaboom" always seemed to play whenever I sat in that room.  So apropos.

That will always be my favorite room in any house forever and ever.  I gave birth to my little one in that room.  I communed with the soul of Everywoman in there... that wonderful room surrounded by windows and happy trees.

That room makes it hard for me to say goodbye to this home.  As of next week, it will be free and clear to be someone else's home.  I wonder if they will feel the peace that we did here.  I wonder if they will be anything like us and go downstairs every morning for picnics under the mango trees.

I had just started meeting neighbors.  It almost makes me want to stay.  Almost...

It is such a blessing to have a beautiful and new home to move in to.  My husband and I are so happy yet I can't help but feel that I am really going to miss this one.  I think the nostalgia I will feel for it will totally trump the feeling of walking in front of my old building in The City on 91st and 1st.  SO much went down in here.  I fell deeper in love with my husband here; I became a mother here.  My eyes were opened in so many ways while living here. I learned, loved, and grew so much within these walls.  If walls could talk, they would tell the stories we have lived there for years to come.  Such beautiful stories.  :)

I can't wait until I drive my little one down this street one day and say, "Look up at the window, baby.  You were born in that room!"  And tell her the story of how she came into the world surrounded by peace and mango trees.

I am so going to miss this place.