comfy rumps

Still cloth diapering!

I am happy to announce that I am still cloth diapering! The honeymoon period has passed and it's still effortless. The only downsides I can honestly report on really are the frequent washes (every two days) and carrying a wet bag with me (I already have a big diaper bag for the two kiddos), but besides that it's totally easy. I did return a few of the Bum Geniuses to order other cloth diapers and test out which ones I liked the most. I ordered Swaddlebees, Rumparooz, Blueberrys, Comfy Rumps and Kawaii Diapers and although they are all similar and work great, I have to say that the one sized Rumparooz are the best. They have a double gusset (which means one on the inside and one on the outermost side of the diaper), they are very soft, they come with an insert and a soaker, and they have great colors and designs too!

I stopped using gDiapers because I remember the medium stage with my first little one- it was very messy. For me, they work great at the size small and large stages. The medium stage is VERY poopy and is usually when the blowouts start to happen and gDiapers weren't capable of keeping it all in. I always had a leak happen and stains on baby's clothes. Other than the medium stage, they are a GREAT option. The reason I opted out of them for this stage and for the rest of little one #2's diapering is because since I have a full load of cloths now that are all one sized, I don't need to buy any more diapers- they will work until little one #2 is out of diapers. :) (that's the other downfall for the g's... you have to buy diapers, plastic liners and cloth inserts for each stage and that can get tedious and pricey)

All in all, I am REALLY happy I started to cloth diaper. I do have to run my washing machine and dryer more often, but knowing I'm not leaving more disposables to just sit around for hundreds of years out there makes me feel better. AND baby is completely rash free! :)