Easy EC!

My 4 month old is potty trained. No, that doesn't mean he can take himself to the bathroom. He recently only started holding his head up firmly on his own. But since he was born, we practiced EC with him and working together, we all finally got it. We know when he has to poop because his cues are very clear after a couple of months of close observation and we take him as soon as he expresses them. He doesn't like to poop in his diaper and for the last month, all we get are occasional sharts such as this one (too scatological?). He tells us EVERY time he has to poop and if we're not available right away he'll hold it until we are. It's so great! Which is veeeerrrryyyyy nice while you're cloth diapering so you don't have to deal with big poopy messes. :D

We tried with little one #1 but her cues weren't as clear. She went wherever and whenever and her cues remained a mystery (such a woman, hey? hee, hee). Our "wins" were more a result of luck than really knowing it was time for her to poop. We respected that she wasn't about it too much and didn't push it on her. But we still took her when we started to KNOW she needed to go by the clock the whole way through and I think it's why she was able to be potty trained in just one weekend at 2 years old. The pee training took two days of being al fresco at home. The poop took an entire month. But at that point she was only pooping once or twice a day so it wasn't too much of a mess.

Our diapers are so clean and stain-free! And I still love cloth diapering. I made amends with Bum Genius and actually bought a couple more of them seeing their superb absorbency. So, I'm still using them, Rumparooz and Blueberrys. It only gets easier once you start doing it and then eventually the storing, washing, etc become second nature.

I highly recommend EC and cloth diapers!

Everything comes down to poo.

 I've been all smiles this morning b/c our little one woke up for the day and- once again- let us know she needed to potty.  So, off we ran to the bathroom and we got a double win (as the EC-ers call it): a full pee and poo!

I can't tell you how happy I am to get those pees and poos in the potty.  She's not fully potty trained of course because she naps throughout the day and I'm not going to wake her up to go to the potty and she's not going to wake up for that either.  And I know I won't catch every one b/c sometimes we're playing and her letting me know "I gotta go, momma" to me is just a playful and cute funny face or sound at that moment so I'll miss it.  But she's as potty trained as a 6 month old could be.  Woohoo!

And it just kinda happened one day...

My husband had started taking her to the potty from the time she was a month old.  He'd hear some rumblies or take whatever cue he could get and put her little wrinkly tushie to hover over the potty and voila!  We knew it would take some time.  And then suddenly, we realized she had been cueing us for a while and since the day we got it, it's been a constant communication.  It's so great. I think it's funny people are SO AMAZED by this.  I mean, If you can train a puppy to pee and poo outside, how could you NOT train a little human being to?

They're not learning disabled like so many people think they are, they're just small and new.