I don't share personal information very often on my blog although I do always share what's in my heart. But I will share with my readers one bit of personal information about my little one. When she was born she didn't have a name for a few days. We just called her "Baby" (and we never put her in a corner). We couldn't decide between a few favorite first names so it took us several days but we always had her middle name... Wonder. Because she is wonder-full and because with her in my life, I am in a constant state of awe and wonder. And also because I love Stevie Wonder and his contribution to music so "Wonder" is an homage to music and all those that birth it. Today, I was walking down the hallway and looked behind me and saw her there about 20 feet behind me walking towards me. She was wearing my favorite dress and was penguining her way to me. She was walking towards me! My little honey that was born not too long ago and was the size of my forearm is growing every day towards more independence. I looked at her and thought to myself how I always wanted to see her smiling face walking towards me. I can't describe what came over me that second- it was so big and so glorious. Of course I am looking forward to seeing her grow up and learn and experience all the things she will. But just for a second, I had found what so many yogis and seekers yearn for- full presence and happiness with what is. I realized that I didn't name her, she named herself. She told me with every little ounce of her being that she was wonder and sunny days and pure love.

Children are such a tremendous gift. In so, so, soooo many ways.