"Wait until you have children."

I remember my mom saying this to me A LOT growing up.  I hadn't recalled that in a while.  Until today. My little one found her no's and recently everything has become a no.  And not just no.  More like, "Nnnnnnnooo!"

She realized that she could throw the food she doesn't like over the sides of the high chair tray.  So all of her breakfast ended up on the floor (luckily, I had practice with nieces and nephews and remembered that when they start to assert themselves, the food throwing is just a skip away so I prepared myself with a floor mat under the high chair for easy pick up).  I tried a couple other breakfast options but she nixed those as well.  She took a swig of my protein shake and then went to the cupboard by the refrigerator and proceeded to take out every piece of tupperware and its lid and throw it on the floor.

Her teething has had my poor little one fussy and irritable so whenever she nurses she simultaneously kicks and climbs all over, thereby pulling on my already sore nipples and causing bumps and bruises all over me.

And last but certainly not least her separation anxiety has me carrying her around most of the day unless I want a screeching, wailing child on my hands, leaving me with only one free hand, exhausted, misaligned and- since I only have one hand and can't cook quickly enough or at all- hungry.

My daughter is very physically strong.  Now that she is asserting her will, I see that she is emotionally and mentally very strong as well.  I suppose in many ways it will make parenting more of a challenge, although she will be better for it as she grows to be even more unique and remarkable with time.  But I am tired.  Oh, so very tired.  I know I've said those words in my past, but I have never meant them like I do now.  "I am tired" down to my soul.

Through all of this, I can't help but remember those words:  "Wait until you have children."  I guess I was a handful otherwise I wouldn't have heard that phrase quite as often as I did.  Now that I know what it means, I am laughing because all those moms that uttered those words were right!  I am laughing all the way to the Babies R Us.

I get it mom, thanks.  However, if I may correct you at this juncture, patience- as you said- is actually NOT simply a virtue.  It is an absolute miracle.


I need a nap.