The gift of doing one thing at a time.

I've noticed now, as a mother, that I try to do several things at once very often. More than ever. Doing one thing at a time is a gift and a lost art. I laugh when I think about Ellen deGeneres' stand up called "Here and Now" where she did a bit about how ridiculous things have gotten as far as doing too much goes. She made a joke about watching the news while the streaming feed gives more news while you blog about the news while giving your friend some news over the phone. It's funny, but not so funny.

I want to be in every moment. Even when I have days like the other day when my little one pooped on the rug and then peed on top of the poop and then got poop on her hand and got it all over everything when I turned to get a wipe. But it didn't end there. When I finally put her on the potty to remind her that's where pee and poop goes, she dropped my favorite lipstick in the toilet. All of that happened in am matter of minutes. And then after all that- on the same day- I banged up my car and broke my laptop. I could have lost my cool but something about my desire to really experience everything that day kept me centered, calm and actually just laughing at all of it. How different could all of that have been if I was thinking about other things, worrying about what I had to do next or wishing all of it away?

I want to fully show up at every now. It's important to me and to my daughter since I do spend most of my day with her. She is worth my presence. If I keep texting while driving and watching a movie while eating (eating a snack even- it doesn't matter), what message and I sending? If I truly thing about it, I am saying 'I am not all here and it's okay for you to half ass things when you grow up too." And that's not okay with me.

I think most- if not all- people would greatly benefit from slowing down and becoming more aware of every bit of their human experience. Maybe breathe some more and bring more focus to each moment that unfolds before them. This day and age it feels like a simple idea like that could start a revolution.