Ouchie, my heart hurts.

My husband is in the other room right now, talking to our little one telling her it's time to start learning to go to sleep without nursing and to get more sleep b/c she is a bit sleep deprived.  We both intuitively feel it's time to break her habit of hourly feeding.  We know she can go up to 3 and 4 hours, but she doesn't because I've made it a habit of offering her my breast all the time.  Even the most natural and loving of all moms tell me it's a harder process later.  I'd rather start it now and have her gain the ability to self soothe.  I've talked to a lot of people about it and it's time.  She's so healthy.  She's so well-nourished.  She's a robust and happy child.  She was waking up up to 6 times a night.   Just to comfort nurse, so we'd wake up for only about 20 seconds but still... we wake out of our sleep.  We need to be well-rested so we can function better and so we can be totally there and completely loving and aware for her during the day. I do believe all these things and in my heart I know I'm doing the right thing for her.  But I'm just reassuring myself right now because as I'm hearing her cry, all I want to do is go into the room with them and cuddle.   :(