We recently celebrated our little one's 1st birthday.  It wasn't until this morning that it really hit me that a year has passed.  On the day she turned one, a few moms wished me a happy first mommy anniversary.  It felt really good to be acknowledged as a mother and reminded that while it has ALREADY been one year, it's also ONLY been one year.  I remind myself that I am just as new at motherhood as she is to the world and it's wonderful to know we'll be exploring and growing together. This morning as I enjoyed some homemade ice cream, I sat in front of my living room window that overlooks the street and stared out into the morning.  The breeze was rustling through the leaves and even though the sky was gray, the morning was beautiful and peaceful.  I thought about this past year... all the moments, the challenges, the tears, the heart-swelling moments, and all the love around all of it.  It felt so good.

Tonight I have the opportunity to go speak to several expectant mothers at their Birthing From Within class- the same birthing class I took when I was pregnant.  The only thing I would have changed about the class was that I would have loved for a new mother to come in and tell us firsthand about her experiences and give us some pointers and advice.  So, I offered myself up to do this for others.  I am excited that I have this opportunity because ever since I gave birth all I have wanted to do besides be with my little one is help new mothers in any way I possibly can.  I was blessed with many beautiful mommas that came into my life at the perfect moments after I had my baby.  They were like angels!  Now, I just want to give back from the universe's bounty that is overflowing within me.

In fact, if any mother is reading this and needs any kind of support... if you need a hand to hold, if you need someone to hold your baby while you nap, or if you just need to talk to someone, you can leave a comment so we can connect and I will give you my number so you can call me and if you live in my city and need some company or someone to just sit with you and your baby, I will be there.  I understand what it's like to sit at home alone, in pain, sulking, crying and trying to make sense of the changes.  I felt so called to do this since my baby was born, but didn't have the time, energy or strength to.  Thankfully, I have journeyed through the challenging times and I feel steady and strong again.  Much more so than ever.

I feel very blessed today.