Dear Adults.

Dear Adults, Do you realize how humiliating and undignified it is to be a child sometimes?

We are constantly told "No." We are hardly given any choices for anything- whether it be for what book we want to read, what clothes we want to wear, who we say or not say hello to and where we go all day long. We are treated as if we don't know anything when in fact, we know quite a lot. We just do not have a completely developed voice with which to communicate our thoughts and emotions yet. We are full of love and always give it and yet, we are sometimes faced with unnecessarily stern looks, harsh remarks and sometimes violence. Sometimes, we are defiant as we begin to discover our selves and you take this as something to be corrected and thwarted. If you allow us to be and simply support us through these times of intense and immense feelings, we will be so much better off for it. As will you.

We are yelled at. We are manhandled. We are told not to cry. We are told not to laugh. We are disrespected in so many ways. And we still love you.

Look into our eyes and see that we are human beings just as you are. Ones who crave love and respect and ones who seeks wisdom. We are worthy of dignity. We are worthy of everything you are. We are no smaller to the world than you just because we physically are.

Look into our eyes and understand this truth so we may grow up healthy, balanced and fulfilled individuals. If you did not receive this yourself, please find a way to do it for us. It is the only way we will all know peace.

love, the children of the world