I'm having my own chocolate festival here in my house today. Chocolate has been key in keeping me smiling today. When my toddler stubbed her toe and I was giving it a little rub, my newborn woke up to eat. But he woke up as I was intending to clean up the huge post-lunch mess under the table consisting of lunch ingredients, mushed banana bits and leftover blueberries from this morning. After that I was going to sweep up a bit right after I finished folding the clothes but not before I took a quick pit stop to the restroom because I had been holding it all morning. Not to mention having to put the pile of books on the floor back to their place on the bookshelves and washing the dishes in the sink. All this to barely keep up what my housekeeper so diligently comes to do for us because two kids are just a hurricane. So, I just decided to forego all of it and write.

Does all this sound familiar to you?

And now I'm leaking.

And baby just woke up again.

Thank goodness for Justin's chocolate hazelnut butter!